Gibe III dam | Gov’t responds to International Rivers official’s article

The weekly press release of the Ethiopian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, responded to a recent.

Ethiopia refuses to halt GIBE III dam

Ethiopia will continue to build Gibe III despite different accusations, CEO of the Ethiopian Electric.

On Gibe III dam | Ethiopia’s recklessness in the UN Committee proceedings

UNESCO’s World Heritage Committee urged Ethiopia ‘to immediately halt all construction on the GIBE III.

On Gibe III dam : Weighing the UN Committee’s decision | Ethiopia

It was by the end of last month, a UN Committee urged Ethiopia ‘to immediately.

On Gibe III dam: The ‘analysis’ submitted to the Committee [full text]

As previously reported the World Heritage Committee’ of United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization(UNESCO).

Anti Gibe III activist opposes Renaissance dam | Ethiopia

International Rivers said, on its website, today, the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance dam ‘will flood 1,680.