Ethiopia: New Media, Democratization and ‘Going with the Grain’

(Befekadu Wolde Gabriel) Did the democratization process came to a halt in Ethiopia? How to.

Ethiopia’s Developmental Statism: dotted by pitfalls but functional

Much of the debate on Ethiopia’s developmental statism focuses on what a developmental policy oriented.

Is Meles’ developmentalism winning in Ethiopia?

The active politician is a creator, an initiator; but he neither creates from nothing nor.

Book: PM Meles Zenawi writes on ‘States and Markets’

Ethiopian Prime Minister Meles Zenawi wrote a scholarly article titled ‘States and Markets: Neoliberal Limitations.

Democracy and the Developmental State (Meles Zenawi)

In 2007 Prime Minister Meles Zenawi had been invited to a forum organized in Columbia.

Ethiopian PM bashes neo-liberalism | AU Ministers call transforming rent-seeking political systems

Ethiopian Premier Meles Zenawi told, to some 600 delegates, including about 60 African minister, that:.