Development Finance and Debt Sustainability in Ethiopia: Lesson to Sub-Saharan African Countries

(Teshome Adugna (PhD)[1] 1. Introduction Development is multi dimensional processes that required large amount of.

China: 10+ million people out of poverty in just 3 years

Chinese officials revealed that more than 10 million people have been lifted out of poverty.

Investors pile into Ethiopia’s $1bn debut debt sale at 6.625%

(Javier Blas) Ethiopia has become the poorest country ever to tap the global sovereign bond.

List | Top Aid recipients in Africa per capita

Which African countries are big recipients of Official Development Assistance (ODA)[1]? There are a number.

List: How indebted are African economies?

Which African countries are highly indebted? How do Horn of African economies fare in this.

Ethiopia| Suspension of British aid: Human Rights or Squandered Funds?

Human Rights appears to be a cover rather than the cause for Britain’s recently suspended.

Ethiopia: Sinking In Debt? Far from it

Recent news on the size of Ethiopia’s external debt has shocked many and stoked a.

Ethiopia’s external debt surged to 14 Billion USD

Ethiopia’s Public Sector Debt grew threefold in the past five years. The total outstanding external.

30 years on: Ethiopia and the business of hunger

(Nick Dearden) 30 years after images of Ethiopian famine haunted British TV screens, they still.

Are China’s NGOs entering Africa?

(Hu Jianlong) In the evening of 18 May, the Africa Philanthropy Forum, held at a.