PM Abiy Ahmed’s new appointees and their previous posts

Ethiopian Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed made 25 appointments today. A new Speaker was elected for the House of Peoples’ Representatives.

In the morning, the parliament accepted the resignation of Speaker Abadula Gemeda and elected Mufriyat Kemil (SEPDM) as its new Speaker.

The parliament approved 16 ministerial appointments tabled by the Prime Minister.

The 16 new and rotated ministers are:
1) Mottuma Mekasa (OPDO) – Minister of Defence. Previous post, Minister of Mining.
2) Siraj Fegessa (SEPDM) – Minister of Transport. Previous post, Minister of Defence.
3) Shiferaw Shigute (SEPDM) – Minister of Agriculture and Livestock. Previous post, Head of EPRDF Secretariat a.k.a. Democracy Coordination Center.
4) Ahmed Shide (ESPDP) – Head of Government Communication Affairs Office. Previous post, Minister of Transport.
5) Berhanu Tsegaye (OPDO) – Attorney General. Previous post, deputy head of OPDO Secretariat.
6) Hirut Woldemariam (SEPDM) – Minister Labor and Social Affairs. Previous post, Minister of Culture and Tourism.
7) Teshome Toga (SEPDM) – Minister of Public Enterprise. Previous post, Ethiopia’s Ambassador Plenipotentiary to European Union.
8/ Umer Husien (OPDO) – Revenue and Customs Authority with ministerial rank. Previous post, vice president of Oromia region.
9) Ubah Mohamed (ESPDP) – Minister of ICT. Previous post, dep. Commissioner of EHRC.
10) Ambachew Mekonen (ANDM) – Minister of Industry. Previous post, Minister of Urban Development.
11) Fozia Amin (OPDO) – Minister of Culture and Tourism.
12) Zanterar Abay (ANDM) – Minister of Urban Developement and Housing. Previous post, Amhara region cabinet member.
13) Meles Alemu (SEPDM) – Minister of Mining and Energy. Previous post, deputy President of SNNP region.
14) Yalem Tsegaye (TPLF) – Minister of Women & Children. Previous post, administrator of eastern Tigray zone.
15) Melaku Alebel (ANDM) – Minister of Trade.
16) Amir Aman (ANDM) – Minister of Health. Previous post, State Minister of Health.

It is to be recalled that HornAffairs reported on social media the appointment of the first five ministers and the new Speakers in a breaking news yesterday.

In the afternoon, the office of the Prime Minister announced 9 more appointments.

1) Abadula Gemeda (OPDO) – National Security Advisor. Previous post, Speaker of HoPR.
2) Demitu Hambisa (OPDO) – Chief of the Staff of the Cabinet and the PM Office.
3) Bekele Bulado (PHD)(SEPDM) – DG of Metals and Engineering Corporation (Metec)
4) Temesgen Tiruneh (ANDM) – DG of Information Network Security Agency (INSA)
5) Yared Zerihun (SEPDM) – Commissioner General of Federal Police Commissioner. Previous post, Deputy Directory General for internal security affairs at the National Security and Intellegence Service (NISS).
6) Ahmed Abtew (ANDM) – DG of Policy Study and Research Center. Previous post, Minister of Industry.
7) Fetlework G/egziabher (TPLF) – head of EPRDF Secretariat aka Democracy Coordination Center. Previous post, dept head at EPRDF Secretariat.
8/ Moges Balcha (SEPDM) – head of Research and publication dept at EPRDF Secretariat aka Democracy Coordination Center. Previous post, DG of Federal Revenue and Customs Authority.
9/ Alemnew Mekonen (ANDM) – President of Meles Zenawi Academy. Previous post, head of ANDM Secretariat.



* There are about a dozen ministers unaffected by today’s appointments

* The abbreviations used above are the following:

HoPR – House of Peoples’ Representatives

OPDO – Oromo People Democratic Organization

TPLF – Tigray People Liberation Front

ANDM – Amhara National Democratic Movement

SEPDM – Southern Ethiopian Peoples Democratic Movement

ESPDP – Ethiopian Somali People Democratic Party


Daniel Berhane

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