Discoloring the Color-Revolution

It is common to see various purposeful revolutions around the world. They mostly happen when governments are not doing to the best interest of their people or some category of their societies. People usually demonstrate peacefully for supporting or opposing particular policies/actions of governments’.

When some group or whole people are ominously dissatisfied by activities of their governments, it is expectable that they display their discontents through various ways of demonstrations whether peaceful or violent, that is all about method.

The point needed to be addressed here is that a particular country’s issue of public demonstration or protest that reflects public demands should be effectively and timely responded by that country’s government and other local stakeholders without endangering the sovereign state by the unwanted interventions of the color-revolutions from the West.

Empirical evidences of literatures indicate us that color-revolutions are deployed in a proxy way via financial and other kinds of funds, thereby legitimate public revolutions, usually that of developing countries’, would be twisted and sidestepped not for the advantages of their people but utterly for the benefits of the Western countries.

Color revolution is the contemporary methodology of the West through which they can construct their Neoliberalism ideology on the East. Neoliberalism is a modern form of colonialism through which the blessed natural and manmade resources of developing countries are to be excavated by the developed western countries by using unfair market prices and transported for the purpose of extravagant consumptions of their own citizens.

What do they want it for?

When a particular developing country is found to be rich in natural resources or/and when it is located in an important geopolitical location, the West first try to persuade the government of that nation to adopt some of the cardinal precondition of Neoliberalism like privatization to the fullest level including the most lucrative market sectors of that particular country like Land, Financial (Banking) sector, Telecom, Electric power, Dams, etc.

The persuasions are usually done through some first trial financial funding. This attempt can be considered as first phase strategy of the West’s Neoliberalism inculcation within the targeted country.

If those persuasions are perceived to be unsuccessful from the West’s perspective, they jump to their second phase strategy which is criticizing that particular developing country for ‘violating human rights and lacking democracy’ mostly out of no ground. They repetitively transmit such fabricated alleger through their International pro-West Medias (such as: CNN, BBC, etc).

Besides, they influence the IMF, WB, and other Westernized financial institutions not to provide any sort of aid and loan to the country under their target. They even go farther up to imposing economic and other types of sanctions by using their monopolized veto power at the United Nation (UN). Furthermore, they urge their ally countries to minimize if not totally cut their all-rounded relations with that specific country.

If those measures of the second phase of their strategy are considered to be unproductive to the demands of the West, they relentlessly continue their evil wishes by deploying a third phase of their strategy. It would be during this phase that they conspire to install the so-called color-revolution within the target country.

When setting up color-revolution, they first scrutinize all social categories of that target country and identify which has any possible loopholes (any kind of dissatisfaction with their government) that can be easily aggrandized and capitalized by the West Medias for quarrelling that group of people with their government. Then, by providing huge amount of illicit financial funds and illegal arms supports as well as by providing special trainings to the youth on how to provoke revolution, they incite the exasperated group (usually the Youth) to stage for ‘revolution’ against their government.

Tacitly, that ‘revolution’ is not meant for the betterment of the people, rather by making use of that dissatisfied youth group as a proxy, they devise to oust the establishment, consequently, puppet government, that is morally and mentally surrendered to the West, would be made to hold the political power which can help the West to defecate their futile Neoliberalism ideology at that beleaguered developing nation. This would then assistance the West to exploit the most lucrative market sectors of the nation in an unhindered manner through their multinational companies. This will further enrich economy of the West at the cost of the poor people despite endowed with rich resources.

If this third malevolent phase of strategy (color-revolution) of the West doesn’t work, they still ceaselessly resume their selfish act of the devil by shamelessly adopting the fourth-phase (last) of their strategy by conducting a direct Military power intervention under the disguise of saving or protecting the dissatisfied social group of the target country (e.g Libya, Iraq, etc) which are usually foiled and abortive attempts but result in disastrous aftermaths for the victim nations..

Based on the aforementioned four phases of strategies of the West in accomplishing their national advantages, we can easily analyze Ethiopia’s contemporary revolution in a net shell. It is blatant to understand that different social groups of the country may have various kinds of unfulfilled legitimate demands which the government should address in time and adequately. As a result, we know that for the last least three years various sporadic public discontents has been used to be deliberated in different regional states of the country.

Some of those demonstrations have been violent in methodological terms despite most of them encompasses constitutional demands of the discontented public groups. However, due to the government’s delayed response and weak capacity in doing so, the prolonged public protests (specifically seen at Oromia regional state) are currently observed to be infected by viruses of the West’s color-revolution. Reasonable demands of the people can never be satisfied whenever the local revolution somehow plausible is found to be septic due to foreign interventions.

The former constitutional demand-oriented public protests of the youth in Oromia regional state of the country, have now begun to indicate symptoms of color-revolution in its form and content. As a result, knowing the dangers of color-revolution in advance, government of the country has swiftly and acceptably acted by explicitly denouncing the foreign (West’s) hijacking of the genuine public demands used to be demonstrated peacefully in the regional state.

Accordingly, in order to defuse such color-revolution-infected public demonstrations, the government wisely and timely decreed State-of-Emergency in order to defend the nation from being utilized for the very interest of the West, and beginning to respond the constitutional demands of the public despite late it is not too late.

In order to meet public needs, first and foremost, the ruling front party (EPRDF) is presently expected to reunify and cement the fractured relations sustained for quite some time within and among top members of the four founding political parties of the front. Then, in no time, it must act according to the rules and principles of the constitution, thereby respond all legitimate public demands before the color-revolution prevails with all its uglier forms.

Hence, above all, among others, the government should be :-
creating more job opportunities for the ever increasing number of educated or university graduated youths; exerting more effort in tasks of minimizing the ever widening income inequality among citizens;  allocating more budget for improvements of the small & medium enterprises not only in Addis Ababa but also in major towns of the regional states; making multiparty system land on the real and fertile ground;
refraining from systematically fragmenting opposition parties rather underpinning them so as to nurture the fledgling democracy, relinquishing more political powers for the well-educated Youth by making the old-guards to leave offices; widening the democratic spectrum at least to where it was before 2005.

All in all, the aforementioned constitutional public demands should at all costs be meet. Those are the only means of discoloring the current color-revolution induced public protests in the country, in Oromia particularly. Besides, they are potent vaccinations against future looming viruses of the color-revolutions.

We should protect our constitution-based revolutions from being hijacked by the alien Color-Revolutions!


Berhanu Tsegay is a resident of Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, and a Masters Degree holder in Development Studies. He can be reached at +251943-304555 or [email protected]

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