EPRDF at its edge of extinction, Letting go of organization to outlive the concept

(By Muse (facebook: Transcending Ethiopia))

Understanding the dynamics of change and mind dynamics is critical to analyze the current situation in Ethiopia.

First, shifting change happens based on the nature of the system. If the system is organized around uni-polarity, the system encounters change when the level of extremity is reached. As the system utilizes all its resources to assure its unipolar concept and avoid any stimulus from the outside environment, it reaches the level of extremity. As the system reaches its level of extremity, it starts working against its purpose of existence.

There are two probabilities here. The worst case probability is that the system continues to be manipulated by actors for their own selfish purpose and it works against its purpose of existence. In this probability, the system is said to be hijacked by actors that do not align with the purpose of its existence. This probability can occur without the consciousness of those who work in alignment with the purpose of existence. And it can cause severe damage to the system and the external environment.

The best case probability is that the system transcends its unipolarity and moves to the higher order, which can be the dualities or integration. In this probability, the system kills itself and creates an enabling environment that aligns with its basic properties. A system that is organized around dualities encounters shifts when the pendulum shifts from one duality to another, and another time to the middle third alternative. A system that is organized around integration and complex dynamic process encounter unpredictable changes based on emergence.

Second, another factor worth mentioning here is the dynamics of mind in the process of change. When a system goes through a change, there are two minds which play a critical role, loyalist and disrupter mind. The loyalist mind believes that its security emanates from the status-quo system and tries everything to maintain it.

The loyalist mind does not want to feel emptiness and space in its mind and tries its best to repress any emptiness it senses. It senses only information that supports its solid existing pattern. It misses information that does not support its existing pattern. It cannot sense the situation as it is rather it understands only its limited world. The loyalist mind is more reactive. This mind is imprisoned and limited.

The other mind is the disrupter mind which wants to benefit from the change. This disrupter mind does not have an attachment to the system. It is not imprisoned by the system. It does not adhere to the existing rule of the game. It can sense any information that can create an opportunity for it. It is free to create any rule of the game to benefit from the system change. Another issue worth mentioning is a problem cannot be solved from the same state of consciousness that created it. In order to solve a problem, one needs to be detached from the problem and be in a higher state of consciousness.

EPRDF is a party that is based on unipolar system. It is a party that believes in black or white thinking. It is a party that states my way or the enemy’s way. It is a party that does not accept dualities and integration. It is highly structured and procedural. It is a party that created a country based on the concept of nations, nationalities, and peoples in which it claims that is the only important question raised by the people. It is a party that created a solution that is equal to the problem.

The problem and the solution are in the same state of consciousness. It is a party that tries to discourage ideas that do not align with its philosophy. Due to its unipolar way of thinking, it attracts mostly loyalist and psychopathic minds. Those who can challenge the existing system are highly discouraged. Minds such as principles centered mind, thinking mind,
challenging mind and creative minds are discouraged by the culture of the party. It uses the mechanization of members to make the machines of the party, not thinkers of the party.

The loyalist mind is attracted to the party in order to gain its desire which is security by becoming obedient to a higher source of security. The psychopathic mind is attracted to the party in order to utilize the party for gaining its desire for image, success and attention-grabbing. The psychopathic mind is adaptive and chameleon-like. They are capable of hiding themselves and look as loyalist mind in the party. In the party, they adapt to the culture of the party. And when they engage with the people, they run populist agenda to satisfy their image seeking and attention-grabbing desire. This psychopathic mind has multiple identities. It does not have integrity. This mind does not have a political idea. Its main purpose is controlling positional power to hide its deep vulnerability and shame. They used their chameleon-like behavior to attract support within the party and outside the party. They succeeded in controlling a significant power of the party.

Furthermore, the party discouraged confident and more conscious people in order to avoid a challenge, rather it attracted less confident and inferiority complex members. It discouraged opposition parties and individuals that have self-confidence and those that share values of development with the party but differ in ideas. Rather it attracted those people that are less competent but align with the idea of the party.

In the last one year, one can see that the party has already utilized its resources and has reached the level of extremity. It has started working against its purpose of existence. The black or white thinking has created a safe haven for less capable politicians to control the political space both in the party and outside. The party is fully controlled by loyalist and psychopathic minds. Basic values such as integrity, working hard, decisiveness and working for social change are threatened.

The concept of nationalism has become an identification and imprisonment . It is becoming the main perspective to evaluate issues. It has created a situation where people identified with some nationality are being attacked. The system that was supposed to free people has become a prison since it triggered the deep unconsciousness within self. The system was not aware of the unconsciousness. And we have reached a level where psychopathic politicians use the grievance of the population to control power.

The party is outdated. The party has lost its learning capacity. Debate and dialogue on ideas have become irrelevant. The best choice was to transcend the party. But due to the gap of principle-centered leadership, the worst case scenario is happening. Currently , there is strong power struggle within the party between two less confident and less capable forces.

The power struggle is between loyalist mind and psychopathic mind. The loyalist mind wants to keep the system beyond its level of extremity in order to maintain its source of security. The psychopathic mind wants to utilize the system beyond its level of extremity in order to satisfy its image seeking and attention-grabbing desire. Since the purpose of the psychopathic mind is not attached to the purpose of existence of the party, the psychopathic mind is acting as the disrupter mind.

So far, the psychopathic mind seems to be winning in utilizing every opportunity such as the pain of the population for achieving their purpose. The psychopathic mind is on the attacking side and is the active player. The loyalist mind is living in illusion and is trying to confirm to itself that the system is running as usual.

The loyalist is denying any information that disrupts its existing patterns. The loyalist is trying to live in the old age and making endless secret meetings. The secrecy of the loyalist mind is being manipulated by the psychopathic mind. Now, the psychopathic mind seems to be on the verge of fully controlling the system to utilize it for its own desire. This will cause the party and the country to suffer a lot. The country will start going the path of most artificial countries that are ruled by few selfish unconscious elite. The unconsciousness of the country will aggravate. Psychopath-ness will be the new normal.

It is time for those loyalists and those few principle-centered leaders to make their final move to transcend the system. This is the time to make swift action. Since the system has reached its level of extremity, there is no way of maintaining it. The best way is to let it go so that higher space is created where values-centric political space is established.

Difference in ideas should be allowed in a shared values environment. It is time to discourage behaviors and characters such as narcissistic personality disorder that can jeopardize the society. It is time to transform EPRDF into one of the actors of the ecosystem and allow the creation of an ecosystem that is based on integrity, hard-working, debate and dialogue.

It is time to transform the party where dualities of concepts exist. It is time to transform the organization from its unipolar amber organization into dualistic creative organization where two or more ideas can be entertained. It is by detaching from the current status quo, that great leaders can make a big difference. It is by detaching from the current status quo , there will be shift in state of consciousness. And the problem will be solved from higher state of consciousness.

The choice is simple, let psychopathic mind use the system created by the martyrs for their selfish interest or let the system outlive itself by becoming a concept.


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