Tigrayan students targeted in Metu University

Oromia special police singled out Tigrayan students for harassment in Metu University, located in south-western part of Ethiopia, on Saturday.

Hagos Gebreegizabher, a graduating year student of electrical engineering, on Saturday, is arrested on Saturday by Oromia special police on a dubious allegation of possessing Oromo Liberation Front (OLF) flag.

Similarly, twelve students, from various batches and deparyments, all Tigrayans, were detaineed for a few hours by Oromia special police on Saturday. They were released after being warned for being “OLF member”.

The trumped up allegations are part of the narrative set by the regional government that non-Oromos are behind the unrest in the region that continued for three weeks.

Last week, the official broadcaster of the region, OBN tv, paraded half a dozen individuals from the Southern region SNNP alleging they were responsible for protests in parts of the region.

Photo - Hagos Gebreegziabher, graduating year Electrical engineering student, Metu University
Photo – Hagos Gebreegziabher, graduating year Electrical Engineering student, Metu University


Daniel Berhane

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