Ethio-Canadians input for Renaissance Dam reached $160,000

Press Release – Ethio Abay Development Association of BC

Ethiopian-Canadians in British Columbia Held a Successful Fundraising Event in Support of the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam (GERD) Project

* Ethiopians in BC have now raised a total of $160,000 USD for GERD

Ethiopian-Canadians residing in the greater Vancouver and Victoria area held a very successful fundraising event on October 4, 2014 at the Korean Cultural Centre in Vancouver, BC, where a total ofEthiopian-Canadians in British Columbia Fundraising event $25,000 US Dollars was raised. This fundraising event, as in the previous five events, was organized by Ethio Abay Development Association of BC (EADABC), a non-profit association, run by volunteers, for the benefit of the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam (GERD) project.

This latest event was a sixth fundraising event for Ethio Abay Development Association of BC. The first three events were held in 2013, where more than $125,000 US Dollars was raised. The fourth fundraising event was held in February 2014 in support of Ethiopians, who were forcefully deported from Saudi Arabia back to Ethiopia. This humanitarian event raised more than $4,000 USD for The Ethiopian Red Cross.

The fifth event was held in May 2014 in Victoria, BC which raised $4,830 US Dollars for the GERD project.

At this sixth event, participants bid on silent auctions, donated cash to the GERD project, in addition to paying their admission fees. This latest fifth event brings the grand total raised by Ethiopians in British Columbia to date to $160,000 US Dollars.

In addition to the delicious buffet dinner, many activities took place at the event, including cultural music, dance, poetry reading, drama, and more. Organizers called GERD Project Manager, Engineer Simegnew Bekele on the phone from the project site for a live interview, where participants were informed on the status of the project.

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Ethio Abay Development Association of BC


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