Sebeta – Dewelle Railway project to be finalized within the planned period

Among the 2,300 km railroad that Ethiopia planned to construct in 5 years Growth and Transformational Plan: Addis Ababa Light Railway construction and Sebeta –Djibouti are some which are hoped to be finalized soon.

The expenses of the 656km Sebeta- Dewelle railway construction will be covered by the Ethiopian government while Djibouti is expected to cover the rest.

The construction is well underway by two Chinese companies with 3.21 billion USD allocated by the government and money on loan from the government of china.

The first chapter of the construction covers 317km Sebeta –Miesso and is being constructed by the China Railway Engineering Corporation (CREC).

This part of the construction is said it’s in its best speed as it passes through towns unless the late start of the construction as well as Sebeta- Gelan section which is lagging behind with issues related to deals with other sub sectors.

Manager of the project Engineer Netsanet Hussien told to FBC, welenchiti –Metehara railway construction is the fastest of all. Since this phase of the construction is hoped to connect three regions; namely፡ Oromia, Afar and Amhara, it has been said it is mandatory and highly expected to be completed up to January.

The manager further indicates the railway layering work shall start in June to complete the construction of the Sebeta to Miesso railway within the planned period.

The second chapter of the railway which is being constructed by China Civil Engineering Construction Corporation (CCECC) covers Miesso to Dewelle. Our correspondent also observed the workers were working hard no matter the hot weather.

As Diredawa to Dewelle way is suitable for construction most of the activities are completed. Now the only activity left is constructing some bridges and layering the railway.

Generally, 21 percent of the Miesso- Dewelle is completed and it has been said activities are underway to speed up and finalize the construction at the end of 2007 EC.

Since there is a little lagging behind observed in this chapter more works are being done to compensate.

Manager of the second chapter of the project Engineer Zekarias Jemal says they have designed a 200 days plan to achieve the required goal.

In general, activities of layering the railway is said to be started in June to complete the overall Sebeta – Dewelle railway construction in time.

Reporting by: Baharau Ydnekachew
Source: Fana  – April 12, 2014 – titled “Sebeta – Dewelle Railway project to be finalized within the planned period

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