Ethiopia: British journo detained in Gambela

Update: The journalist was released hours after the publishing of this news on Friday evening.


National Geography Photograph Journalist, Robin Hammond, is detained in Gambela State Ethiopia, according to Anteneh Abraham, President President of Ethiopia National Journalists Union(ENJU).

According to sources, the journalist along with an Ethiopian colleague has been detained this morning November 1, 2013 by the Custom authorities in Gambela for entering the country holding 4,000 USD in hand with out declaring the amount of money he has at the point of entry as per the law of the land.

Hammond was first identified that he has that amount of undeclared money by the Federal Police at a check point in Gambela and later handed over to the custom authorities.

The journalists were given visa by Ethiopian Embassy in Paris, France applying to tour to Ethiopia for photographing green development as well as agricultural and horticultural activities in Ethiopia.

The sources also confirm that, Hammond and his Ethiopian fellow journalist were nor release until 11:00 PM.

The Ethiopian Law stipulates that everybody entering the country should declare the amount of foreign currency at the point of entry.


Daniel Berhane

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