PM Hailemariam Desalegne outraged by Bahirdar killing spree

(Daniel Berhane)

A rogue police officer killed 12 civilians and wounded another two in the northern-west city Bahir-dar, located a few kilometers away from the source of Nile.

The shooter is said to be member of a Federal Police unit stationed in the vicinity of Bahirdar city, which is the capital of Amhara state.

Sources claim the shooter was intoxicated, while others indicate he was motivated due to problems with his personal love affair.Prime Minister Hailemariam Desalgne

The shooter opened fire at random in the city, around the vicinity called Abay Mado – Kebele eleven, on Sunday evening between 8-9 pm, according to the Police Commissioner of Amhara state.

Prime Minister Hailemariam Desalgne issued a prompt press statement on Monday calling the massacre “cruel, outrageous and unacceptable”.

He claimed that his government is probing the matters in collaboration with elected officials and security services of the region.

Similarly, Ayalew Gobeze, President of Amhara state pledged to do “all necessary” to help the victims’ family. He also claimed that an inquiry is launched to probe the matter.

Ayalew Gobeze  pledged that he will hold into account if concerned officials are found of responsible of “creating conducive environment”  for the massacre and for not halting it in time.

The shooter has managed to jump into Blue Nile river from a bridge at a specific location called Chore-Chora. Though some presume he can’t make it alive, the Federal police and local militia launched  a high-profile man-hunt in case the man is still alive.

The bodies of the 12 victims has been put to rest at Debre-Abay, Saint Gebriel Church, in the presence of Ayalew Gobeze.

The two wounded are recieveing medical treatments at Felege Hiwot Hospital of Bahir-dar city.


* Children, women and elderly were among the victims of the shootings.
* Head Quarters of the Federal Police Commission and the regional ruling party Amhara Nation Democratic Movement (ANDM) issues statements condemning the massacre and pledging to do “all in their capacity” to rectify the tragedy.

* You can watch Ethiopian state TV news of Monday evening here (link).


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Daniel Berhane

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