Benshangul,Guraferda evictions deliberate: Opposition party

(Beweketu Abebe)

The Ethiopian Raeie Party (ERaPa) has condemned the act of displacing citizens from their land and respective home unlawfully by the federal government.

“The Prime Minister told us that the eviction of Amhara nationals from Benshangul happened without the knowledge of the government. But this is not true. We proved that the eviction was carried out intentionally.” It said that the eviction of Amhara nationals both from Benshangul and Guraferda, SNNP State, was done intentionally by the government.Ethiopia Raeie (Vision) Party - President Teshale Sebro and PR head Getachew Abebe

In a press conference organized in connection with its fourth year anniversary yesterday, the party emphasized that the eviction has a political motive apart from investment-linked reason. It also accused the government for deliberately evicting citizens from their home and land.

The party expressed concern about the long-term effect of a similar eviction carried out in Guraferda, SNNP State which it said was ordered by the State Chief Office last year.

Party President Teshale Sebro told journalists that the letter ordering the eviction was written by State Chief Shiferaw Shigutie himself reads: ‘go back to where you came from!’ “That is what ethnic-federalism offered us,” Teshale added.

The party also called for practical measures to addressing the problem as soon as possible instead of denying the fact. The party also alleges that the suffering of the victims is worsening.

Party Public Relations Officer Getachew Abebe who was also Deputy PR Officer with the All Ethiopian Unity Party (AEUP) said: “ I have been following the issue from the very beginning in my capacity as AEUP Deputy PR Officer. I also continued doing so after joining ERaPa. I came to know that the eviction has nothing to do with investment. The land that belonged to those citizens was given to cadres not to investors.” Getachew also asserted that the evicted and those who occupied the land are not in good terms.

The party also touched upon various local issues which include human trafficking, corruption and harsh treatment of political prisoners.

It is to be recalled that in his recent report to the Parliament, Prime Minster Haile-Mariam Dessalegn told the house that legal measure would be taken against those who instigated the eviction describing them as rent-seekers.


Source: Ethiopian Herald – May 14, 2013. Originally titled “Benshangul, Guraferda Amhara eviction deliberate: ERaPa”.

Daniel Berhane

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