Body of the Abune Paulos arrives at St. Trinity Cathedral

The body of His Holiness Abune Paulos has arrived at St. Trinity Cathedral Church. Patriarch Abune Paulos

The corpse has been transported from St. Mary Church Monastery to the Cathedral being carried by special coach and escorted by patriarchs, the laity, Staff members of Teklay Bete Khinet, trainees in spiritual colleges of Ethiopian Orthodox Church (EOC), abbots and abbess of various monasteries and heads of churches in Addis Ababa.

The youth from Sabbath schools and police marsh band has also escorted the corpse of His Holiness enroute to the Cathedral.

Hymens that describe the virtuous deeds of His Holiness were song and horns were blown during the procession.

In the procession, Monks, nuns and orphans from Sebeta Bete Denagil Monastery have also escorted the corpse.

Monastery abbess, Emahoi Fikrte Bekele said His Holiness has been support the monastery and foster orphans.

She said his instruction, support and blessing was vital to the existence of the monastery where 320 orphans, nuns and monks inhabited. The death of His Holiness is a great lose for the monastery.

Mass prayers and requiem will be conducted until Thursday morning with the presence of patriarchs, sisterly churches representatives in the Cathedral.

Representatives, bishops and heads of churches including Coptic Church of Egypt, Syria and India, General Secretary of World Churches, representatives of Vatican Greek Orthodox have arrived here to attend the interment.


Source: Ethiopian News Agency (ENA) – Aug. 22, 2012.

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