UN suspends work after terrorists attack | Ethiopia

United Nations suspended its operations in Somali Region, Ethiopia, following a terrorists attack on WFP staff members.

It is to be recalled that terrorists ambushed World Food Program staff last Friday, May 13/2011. The attack left one dead, one injured and two other workers are still missing. UN and local officials are still looking for the missing staff who are apparently kidnapped.

In a statement to Bloomberg today, WFP spokeswoman said, ‘all UN operations in Somali region are currently on hold…it’s a UN decision. We need to make sure the situation is safe to continue.’

The attack is attributed to members of the separatist group ONLF (Ogaden National Liberation Front). Though a faction of this organization inked a peace agreement with the government last September/October, another faction still continues the insurgency employing a range of tools including guerilla fight and terror attacks.

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[This news will be updated when a formal statement is issued by UN, WFP and/or the Ethiopian government on the matter.]

Daniel Berhane

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