Ethiopia to be the 3rd fastest-growing in 2011-15, forecasts The Economist

Ethiopia is expected to stay on the course of economic stride in the coming 5 years. An analysis by The Economist, published last Friday, rated Ethiopia’s GDP performance of the last decade as the fifth fastest growth globally. The article also projects that Ethiopia’s GDP to be the 3rd fastest growing from 2011-2015.

Interestingly, the analysis by The Economist regarding Ethiopia’s GDP growth rate of the last 10 years concurs with the data from WorldBank. While The Economist stated Ethiopia’s GDP had been growing at 8.4% on average in the last 10 years, the WorldBank figure of Ethiopia’s average annual growth rate from 2001-2009 is 8.314626. The Economist is known for making its own analysis and projections.

It should be noted that Development Deniers often quote statements by The Economist to cast doubt on Ethiopia’s economic performance. You may read The Economists’ article here(Link)


Daniel Berhane

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