[Update] Dire Dawa Council, Cabinet appointments


It is to be recalled that the Council elected new Speakers, Mayor and Dep. Mayor on Oct. 15/2010. As explained previously, the mid-term change of the two top executive posts is a result of the power sharing arrangement between EPRDF & SPDP.

The Council had also appointed new Heads for two Bureaus. The Council appointed Hassen Tahir as Head of Capacity Building Bureau, previously held by the new Dep. Mayor Harbi Bouh, and Ibrahim Usman as Head of Rural and Agriculture Development Bureau, which has been vacant since the appointment of its former head Abduselam Mohammed as Mayor of Jigjiga, Somali State, several months time. However, no appointment was made for the Finance and Economic Development Bureau, which is vacated by the the new Dep. Speaker Asrat Chala.

Two weeks later, the Council made appointments for two executive offices and standing committees of the Council. Abdela Mume, who has been head of Youth Affairs Bureau, is appointed to head the Finance and Economic Development Bureau. Abduselam Mohammed, who has been Mayor of Jigjiga, is appointed as City Manager.

Here is the list of Speakers and Cabinet members of Dire Dawa City Administration.

Post Name Party
Speaker of the Council Biftu Mohamed(female) SPDP
Dep. Speaker of the Council Asrat Chala OPDO/EPRDF
Mayor of Dire Dawa City Administration Ased Ziad OPDO/EPRDF
Dep. Mayor and Head of Trade Ind. & Investment Bureau Harbi Bouh SPDP
Civil Service Bureau Head Hassen Tahir SPDP
Justice, Security and Legal Affairs Bureau Head Ibrahim Yusuf SPDP
Finance and Economic Development Bureau Head Abdela OPDO/EPRDF
Education Bureau Head Jibril OPDO/EPRDF
Health Affairs Bureau Head Dr. Tsegereda(female) SEPDM/EPRDF
Agriculture Development Bureau Head Ibrahim Usman SPDP
Women Affairs Bureau Head Lelise OPDO/EPRDF
Youth Affairs Bureau Head  
Government Communications Bureau Head Misrak Worku ANDM/EPRDF
City Manager Abduselam Mohammed SPDP

EPRDF – Ethiopian peoples’ Revolutionary Democratic Party
ANDM – Amhara Nation Democratic Movement
OPDO – Oromo Peoples’ Democratic Organization
SPEDM – Southern Ethiopia Peoples’ Democratic Movement
SPDP – Somali people’s Democratic Party

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Note: This post has been written and ‘posted’ two months ago. However, it has not been visible to readers due to technical glitch. Having learnt that I simply reposted it today. Thus, in the coming three days, it will be updated with photos and to ensure that the info here reflect the facts at the time of its posting, that is today. Please note that, this note will be removed after the updates are made. Thank you.

Daniel Berhane

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