[Update] Ethiopia’s new Railway – Phase I & II maps

A new railroad network is one of the major components of the 5-year plan, as the brief document and press statements outlining the Growth and Transformation Plan(GTP) indicated.

A Leaked map, posted on this blog, on Nov 14/2010, titled ‘Leaked info: Railway to link 49 Ethiopian towns’, disclosed the details of the new rail network design, i.e., its total length, the number of routes and rail stations and the list of town the rail connects. Though the post indicated that the railway is to be constructed in two phases, I decided to withheld the details of the first and the second construction phases, intending to clarify some ambiguities. Yet, further inquiries reaffirmed the accuracy of my information concerning the two construction phases. Thus, I decided to post it.

The design of the two construction phases, posted below, is said to have been approved by the General Manager of the Ethiopian Railway Corporation, and no official revision has been made at least until the end of November.

The map below shows the first and the second construction phases of the new Ethiopian Rail Network.

Ethiopia railway design phase 1 and 2

Ethiopia railway construction design map Legend


Daniel Berhane

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