UNDP| Ethiopia – the 3rd top mover in Human Development Index

UNDP office in Ethiopia – Press Release:

Human Development Report 2013 Puts Ethiopia as Third Top Movers

UNDP Ethiopia’s Resident Representative Eugene Owusu launched the 2013 Human Development Report to the media in Addis Ababa on Friday 15th March 2015.

The 2013 Human Development Report, “The Rise of the South: HumanUNDP Ethiopia Resident Representative Eugene Owusu Development in a Diverse World” looks at the dynamics of transforming global power balance, examines emerging issues and trends and new actors which are shaping the global development landscape.

According to the HDR there have been three notable drivers of development across most of these countries: a proactive developmental state, tapping of global markets, and determined social policy and innovations.

Ethiopia is one of 14 countries in the world that are reported as having recorded HDI gains of more than two percent annually since 2000. In 2010, Ethiopia was the 11th top mover in term of human development the country is now recorded as having the third highest Human Development Index gain, having shown an annual an increase of 44 percent. This is average increase of about 3.1 percent a year.

Mr. Owusu noted though that, “Challenges do of course still remain for Ethiopia, home to the second most populous nation in Africa and a predominantly young population.”

Speaking of the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) and reflecting that Ethiopia was on track to meet the majority of the goals by 2015; Mr. Owusu told the media that the country was one of the nations selected by the UN to hold consultations on the global Post 2015 development agenda. He revealed that in partnership with government, civil society and the private sector, UNDP had organised Post 2015 consultations across the Ethiopia.  “Under the theme Yee-miin-e-shat Ethiopia – The Future We Want – the Post 2015 discussions have drawn participants from all regions over the course of six gatherings, including discussions on interest areas such as women, youth and private sector”, Mr. Owusu said.

The national Post 2015 consultation is scheduled to be held in April 2013.


Source: UNDP country office

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  1. it is a good news that Ethiopia has moved up in HDI .

    • በሀገራችን የሰፋ የሀብት ክፍፍል አለመኖሩ መልካም ነው ፣ ለወደፊቱም የሀብት ክፍፍል መስፋት ማለት የኑሮ መዛባት ስለሚያስከትል ፡ፍትሀዊ የሀብት ክፍፍል ለአንድ አገር ውስጣዊ ሰላም ወሳኝ ነው ።

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