Wealth disparity relatively low in Ethiopia, UNDP official

Ethiopia is the 3rd fastest mover of human development, “an enviable position in the World”; it.

UNDP| Ethiopia – the 3rd top mover in Human Development Index

UNDP office in Ethiopia – Press Release: Human Development Report 2013 Puts Ethiopia as Third.

Trade mispricing cost Ethiopia $8.3 bn in two decades

A United Nations Development Program (UNDP)commissioned report from Global Financial Integrity (GFI) on illicit financial.

UNDP: Ethiopia’s the topmost human development achiever [Press Release]

according to the press release by the UNDP in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia registered the 2nd highest improvement in the world between 2000-10, and the highest improvement in the world between 2005-10.

Ethiopia – 3rd Fastest HDI Growth Rate in the World [Human Development Report 2010]

Ethiopia recorded massive improvements in Human Development Index(HDI), according to the 2010 Human Development Report released on Friday. Ethiopia has recorded the third fastest annual HDI growth rate in the world since year 2000.

Ethiopia’s Donors Rebut HRW Report: ‘No Systematic, Widespread Aid Misuse'[full text]

The Development Assistance Group[DAG] rejected the allegations of Human Right Watch[HRW] on the Ethiopian government..