Up to 70 Ethiopian migrants drowned off Yemeni coast

Up to 70 illegal migrants coming from the Horn of Africa have drowned while trying.

Ethiopia confirms Andargachew’s extradition – Abraha Desta et al detained

Ethiopia’s counter-terrorism unit confirmed today that Andargachew Tsigie has been extradited to Ethiopia. Andargachew Tsigies,.

Andargachew Tsigie is extradited to Ethiopia | British government

A statement from British government confirms Andargachew Tsege is now in Ethiopia, journalist Martin Plaut.

Ethiopian rebel leader said to have been extradited from Yemen

A leader of Ethiopian rebel group, Ginbot-7, who was detained in Yemen on June 23.

Update on Andargachew Tsigie |Statement from British government

Horn Affairs received the latest statement from the British Government on the issue from their.

‘Accidentally detained’ Ethiopian rebel puts Britain in an awkward position

A British national and leader of an Ethiopian rebel group enters eleventh day, as his “accidental.

Ethiopian group threatens to retaliate as Yemen detains its leader

Second-in-command of the Ethiopian terrorist group, Ginbot 7, is in detention in Yemen. The group.

Eruption creates an island in Red Sea [NASA report & images]

An eruption in the Red Sea created a new island appeared, NASA Earth Observatory Center.

Ethiopians in Yemen: Hundreds came home, thousands remain behind

Hundreds of Ethiopians stranded in Yemen are being flown home by the International Organization of.

Update: 15th quake in the Ethio-Eritrea border [US Geological Survey report]

Updated again with its effect in Mekele, al-H̨udaydah, Assab towns. ****** Areas in the Eritrean Ethiopian border.