GHI 2010 – Ethiopia Improves on Hunger Index

Ethiopia’s score on Global Hunger Index(GHI) improved from 43.7 in 1990 GHI to 29.8 in 2010 GHI. To meet the Millennium Development Goals, Ethiopia’s GHI score needs to be 21.27 by the year 2015.
The change in Ethiopia’s GHI score is a result of the improvements recorded in each of the three indicators in the last two decades. The proportion of undernourished in the population decreased from 71% (in 1990-92) to 44% (in 2004-06). The prevalence of underweight in children under five years decreased 39.2% (in 1988-92) to 34.6% (in 2003-08). The rate of Under five Mortality is reduced from 21% (in 1990) to 10.9% (in 2008).