President Morsi and Muslim Brotherhood supporters
Analysis: Muslim Brotherhood at a cross roads

(MICHAEL GASPER and MOHAMED YOUSRY) In the immediate aftermath of the coup that deposed president.

Egypt: Troops & anti-Morsi civilians storm a Mosque

Update: Indian news agency reported that: Witnesses say that Egyptian security forces have stormed a.

Timeline: Egypt’s crisis – 30 months and counting

Jan. 25-Feb. 11, 2011 — Egyptians stage nationwide demonstrations against nearly 30 years of Mubarak’s.

Egypt poised for a ‘Second Revolution’

Egypt’s armed forces handed Islamist President Mohamed Morsi a virtual ultimatum to share power on.

Ethiopian PM Hailemariam Desalegn
Ethiopian PM: Nile war unlikely, lest Muslim Brotherhood go insane (+Video)

(Zeryhun Kassa) The construction of the Renaissance Dam is a major undertaking of Ethiopia to.

Raafat Shehata - Chief of Egypt's General Intelligence Service
Nile| Egypt: Spy-Chief dismayed, President to hold ‘damage control’ meeting

Egypt’s Arabic news outlet Elwata News reported that the intelligence community is dismayed by the.

Grand Ethiopian Renaissance dam reservoir
Egyptian press highlights anger at Ethiopia's Renaissance Dam [BBC media monitoring]

[A reader of Danielberhane’s blog paid the required fee to make the following text available to Ethiopian readers]

Ethiopia’s Renaissance Dam is the main theme of Egyptian newspapers on 29 May.

Today’s dailies highlight the news of diverting the Blue Nile course to build the dam on their front pages, with some papers describing it as an act of war or a move that requires a military reaction. The story is also the main focus of today’s editorials and commentaries, which are divided between attacking Ethiopia for building the dam and blaming Egypt’s policies for this situation.

Prime Minister Hailemariam Desalgne
Africa in Motion: The crucial role of Addis Ababa [French media]

Ethiopian Prime Minister Hailemariam Desalegn is the current chairman of the African Union (AU), elected.