​Ethiopia’s battle with Non-State Dictatorial Forces 

(Abey Zewde)

It’s unheard of!  It is unbelievable! It’s beyond imagination!  It’s hard to explain! Indeed it’s a puzzling reality that a Non-State Dictatorial and Tyrannical forces exist inside a sovereign and aspiring Democratic developing nation like Ethiopia including in its Diaspora community.
As far as I know and in my longtime experience, no international or local political analyst attempted to explain the existence of a non-state dictatorial force in Ethiopia or any other independent thinking developing country.  Almost, all political analysts expect a government who control state power to be the only force that has the means to be dictatorial or tyrannical.

Contrary to this belief, supported by global Neo-liberal and Neo-Con groups, in propaganda, and other sinister machinations there are groups in our time, who don’t have state power but are able and trying to impose their wish to dominate the economic social and political outcome of nations by any means necessary.

The non-state dictatorial forces depend on the internal weakness of a country, their activities such as color revolution, something, like the Arab Spring and so on have brought, war, strife, and incalculable and endless distraction to millions of people and continue to do so.

To no surprise, the non-state dictatorial groups because of the privilege and the power they have in a network of spy tools and agencies and old reactionaries and the support of global anti-people forces were a catalyst in bringing havoc to peaceful countries.

An aspiring democratic government of a developing nation like Ethiopia is persistently under the Non-dictatorial force’s hegemonic siege of false allegation, hate politics and sophisticated machinations of infiltrations, terror, and distraction to create fear and sense of chaos.

The Constant terror, the false bombardment of allegations and other methods of the Non-state is intended to put the government targeted under catch 22 situations to force it to use might to defend the stability of the country.

Hence, the utilization of force helps the anti-people powers to play the blame game of “human rights abuse” against it. The anti-people tyrant forces also want to bring about evolutionary compromise or change of principle of people-oriented governments.

Ultimately the reactionary forces, and their neoliberal and neo-con international supporters’ wish to pave the way for their distraction and interference creating conflict trapping scenario of strife.

Worst of all, The Non-state dictatorial group will not hesitate to galvanize the minute non-antagonistic, ethnic, religious, and societal contradiction to huge antagonistic contradiction to pave the way to the countless distraction and strife like in case of  Syria, Libya, Iraq and many other nations including some Africa countries.

Luckily, In the case of Ethiopia up to now, these tyrannical forces are far from successes, due to the internal strength of the country. The firm unity of its different nationalities and nations, correct policy and fine leadership in building a developing, democratic and peaceful Ethiopia in spite of many difficulties and governance problems.

However, the holy alliance of the reactionary forces locally and globally are continuing to use any means necessary including terror, distraction, lies to reach their goal.

For the last twenty-five years and up to now they are scanning the entire land and infiltrating every aspect and fabric of  Ethiopia society looking for the slightest weakness in the country with a principle fanning a single spark to create prairie fire of disruption and turmoil.

Ultimately, dreaming to achieve their evil agenda and usurp power for distraction. In short, they are waging law intensity war of attrition in various methods and ways.

Who are these groups in case of Ethiopia?

Some of these groups are descendant of feudal lords, comprador bourgeoisie, and subservient intellectual to external forces who ruled Ethiopia for a century. They also include the remnant the barbaric military junta called Derg who later usurped power.

The country under its feudal rulers became a centralized government, with a modern military might of semi-feudal and dependent semi-capitalist system. But, this system was incapable of allowing, its people democracy, where it’s different nationalities and nations to govern themselves and to chose their destiny.

The revolutionary forces including the University student used to call the feudal Ethiopia the prison of nation and nationalities and raised the necessity of the rights of a nation for self-determination, and the question of land to the tiller and democracy.

The feudal system was unable to free itself from neo-colonial status, from serfdom, and oppression. Inevitably, the people rebelled and demanded democracy, and ultimately they overthrow the government.

Unfortunately, because of lack of leadership at this revolutionary moment, the military apparatus of the feudal system called Derg usurped a state power and half-heartedly took measures like land to the tiller pressured by the relentless struggle of the people.

The military junta or Derg ruled for seventeen years with unprecedented terror igniting armed resistance of different groups and nationalities and nations to determine their destiny in every corner of Ethiopia. Ethiopia was at brinks of disintegrating.

Fortunately, Ethiopian people were able to overthrow the Derg and establish an aspiring democratic government after seventeen years of bitter and bloody sacrifice. Today, Ethiopia has proclaimed the right of a nation to self-determination and decentralized power to the regions and mobilized its people to primarily fight poverty which kept the Ethiopian people in perpetual poverty and degradation for centuries and achieving tremendous successes in its battle for the last twenty-five years as noted by the world community.

While Ethiopia is progressing to liberty, justice democracy, and economic development, the remnants of a degenerate feudal chauvinist, narrow nationalist, the supporter of the barbaric military junta and their external masters the neoliberal are united and are working persistently to stop the country from progress, democracy, and peace.

How do the Non-State Forces Facilitate their dictatorship?

They vehemently persistently and continuously use the psychology of denial propaganda.  The Non-state dictatorial forces deny everything the Ethiopian people’s achieved from the beginning of the overthrow of the brutal military junta to present.

They reject Ethiopian People seventeen years of life-death struggle and incalculable sacrifice in overthrowing the most brutal military government in Africa. Instead, they claim the freedom the people achieved as a gift from America just because Cohen who was facilitating discussion between different front in London meeting 1991 and was representing America.

They deny the tremendous achievement of the Ethiopians for the last decades and deny any triumph of the people and their leaders.

Their most horrendous and persistent method to arrest the positive development in the country is to use racist and hate politics especially against the Tigrean people and its leaders who are part of the Ethiopian struggle. In my opinion, this is equivalent to Hitler’s propaganda against the Jews and genocidal propaganda which ignited the massacre of Rwanda.

They hate the people of Tigray because it is the region where the progressive force EPRDF and leadership crystallized, and the wish of the Ethiopian people and the golden principle of today’s Ethiopia is articulated and applied to bring about today’s Ethiopia progressing in the building of democracy and the fastest growing economy in the world.

The Non-state dictatorial group uses terror, distraction, uniting with the terroristic group and states. When government officials go abroad to their Diaspora community to explain their government policy, they use violence, threat, and disruption instead of raising their concern peacefully and democratically.

They even go as far as forcefully prevent the flag of Ethiopia representing the equality of nation and nationality and also religions, and books that explain the exact reality of the country not to be sold in the community stores abroad and so on. While in Ethiopia divers flags and books of different political view are in the market. The Non-State Tyrants use misinformation, fear, violence to keep the community in total darkness and pessimism.

The Non- state dictatorial forces in Ethiopia, like their supporter the neo-liberals forces they use every weakness, suffering, and pain of society as raw material. It helps them spread sensational picture mutilated false pictures of dead bodies to lure unsuspected mind of individuals, distinguished artist, musician, the world community trapping them in their criminal political game. For it is here the few anti-people force find compost where they blossom to pursue their anti-people agenda globally.

Non-State Dictatorial Forces are Free from any Accountability for their crime

 However, it is impossible to explain this Non-State totalitarian forces’ destructive wish and activity because it’s very few protagonist present themselves as a victim of dictatorial and oppressive government turning reality on its head.

They come as ‘’Journalist”. They come as “Human Rights Respect advocate” to convey their claim through false news, hate politics, twisted political analysis, rumor, and fear spreading pessimism through various media including social media. Their misinformation is engineered in multifaceted, and ubiquitous and hegemonic way.

They try to cover their machination in every fabric of the Ethiopian society, to make it complicated to decipher their evil intention and get leeway to exercise their long dictatorial action ultimately usurp state power for distraction.

Moreover, the few dominant and powerful forces from Europe and USA who have anti-people agenda like CPJ, Amnesty International, Human Rights Watch  VOA, DW and so on vigorously assist this Non-State tyrant by giving them leverage and hidden support and power.

The neo-liberals in America and Europe provide the likes of ESAT and OMN, a hate propaganda media, a platform to insult and defame the Ethiopian leaders, also, allow their propaganda on their dominant global Media institutions.

They monitor them in sinister political machination; they defend their false misinformation and distractive action in the name of democracy, freedom of speech and human rights respect. Hence, Ethiopia’s effort to explain its aspiration for justice, development, and peace is constrained and has limited space to be promoted locally and internationally.

It is almost no forces in international politics that question or criticizes the non-state tyrannical forces’ methodology of distractive, terroristic and criminal political action.  Globally these few non-state tyrant groups are free from any accountability for their crime.

Then what is to be done

Even though, the people of Ethiopia more and more realizing who their enemies are and prevented the havoc their enemies are trying to bring on Ethiopia there are loopholes and weaknesses. Loopholes like the government mistakes and lingering and inherited sociopolitical economic problems.

The Ethiopian people must continually, persistently and democratically should tackle this kind of problems vigorously and unequivocally, so the enemy of Ethiopia cannot exploit the situation as in recent times.

Hence, locally, more than ever, the leaders of Ethiopia and the people primarily must realize that the holy alliances of anti-Ethiopian people are waging a low-intensity war of attrition in various ways. Such as false propaganda, terror, destruction, hate politics, and promoting chaos starting from the inception of the overthrow of the military government intensified in present time.

Ethiopia must continue heartily, dynamically, creatively the dialog that started among its people to realize who their real enemy is and create a strong bond among its nation and nationalities. The awareness, will help the people to pursue their interest building a democratic, prospers and peaceful country and crush the wishes of rent seekers chauvinist, narrow nationalist inside the government and outside and their external backers.

The leaders of Ethiopia with its grassroots members the youth, women and other organizations, must energetically continue to find and deal with the real problems that bother the people most in their day-to-day lives, for the people are the primary force Ethiopia has to overcome all its difficulties. We the people are the primary friends of Ethiopia and ourselves we must stick together and make history on a higher level again.

Ethiopia must avoid confusion for our enemies come in different forms. We must only work on in the interest of Ethiopian people.


Ethiopia must continue to encourage the Diaspora community to play a role in the sociopolitical and economic development in Ethiopia and people to people relation internationally.

Ethiopia must not confine itself in the state to State relation only but must go beyond in building people to people international relationship with creative Idea.

For example, Ethiopia can find a way to build a monument or library to thank the world community for the help against 1977 famine and make it a symbol of world solidarity against calamity.

The library can include a picture or statue of globally prominent individuals who played a significant role in a fight against the famine and other difficulties under the slogan of we are the people song created by American people in the time of 1977 Ethiopian famine which killed millions. Doing this kind of creative tasks will open the way to show the world, we like them want to have a better life, justice, democracy and we only have one enemy that, i.e., poverty.

Ethiopia must avoid a conflict tramp internationally and locally amicably and peacefully solve problems with others. Ethiopia Ethiopians persistently must explain to the international community to question or criticize the non-state tyrannical, groups’ and their supporter methodology of distractive, terroristic and criminal political action for it prevents future calamity.


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