Eritrea confirmed fighting on border with Ethiopia

The Eritrean government has just issued a statement confirming the heavy fighting on the border with Ethiopia.

Fighting broke out between Ethiopian and Eritrean armies on Sunday, as HornAffairs reported earlier.

The conflict is on Tsorena area, though it expanded eastwards later in the day.

Locals in Sheraro and Badme areas told HornAffairs movement of mechanized units but no fighting yet.

In a statement issued less than an hour ago, minutes before midnight, the Eritrean Information ministry said:

The [Ethiopian] regime has today, Sunday 12 June 2016, unleashed an attack against Eritrea on the Tsorona Central Front. The purpose and ramifications of this attack are not clear. The Government of Eritrea will issue further statements on the unfolding situation. (Ministry of Information, Asmara, 12 June 2016)

Asmara didn’t provide further details.

Addis Ababa has been tight-lipped on the matter throughout the day.

One hypothesis about the cause of the fighting – which we mentioned earlier – is an alleged attack by Eritrean army on Ethiopian troops while the latter were holding a football match among Brigades. However, we learned in the evening that the football match took place about ten days ago.

HornAffairs learned from an officer in the area that the Eritreans ambushed an Ethiopian army reconnaissance team “weeks ago”. The officer speculated that might have triggered an Ethiopian counter attack.

HornAffairs could not ascertain which side started Sunday’s fighting. But it was going on at least until around 6:30 pm.


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  1. So this war must be once & for all(overthrough the dictator eritrean regime.

  2. The end is near for weyane warmongers

  3. There is no good war and there is no bad peace better if your willingness be for peace and security of the Ethiopian and Eritrean people.You must learne from the past eth-eritrea war from 1961-1991 and again with the woyane war 1998-2000

  4. The floosh war should never come agian. both the ethio-eritrean people will never ever go for the battle field, but the floosh old leaders with old centement from both countries go to the battle field your self and see you like a bull fighting. dont let people to fight for nothing. many people were died in the pastfor nothing. and if we lose people from both sides similarly nothing will come after. we are in 21 century !!! find your own fool to die for your survival.

  5. It is foolish to think that war is a solution. The poor people will die. The rich people never die in the war from history. The rich people make money, while the poor people die. war is disaster for any one who i engage in the war. War consumes life and money. The end result is poverty

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