Update-1|Breaking| Heavy fighting on Ethiopia Eritrea border

(Adds mid-day developments)

A heavy fighting is going on the Tsorena front of Ethiopian Eritrean border, multiple sources confirmed to HornAffairs.

Fighting in the Tsorena area of the border started since 5 am at dawn and it is still ongoing.

The sound of heavy artilleries is heard as far as Zalambesa to the east, locals confirmed.

Heavy artillery from Eritrean army have hit areas close to civilian Kebeles in Tsorena area.

Ethiopian troops reportedly advanced into Eritrean land in some areas and brought captives to the border town Gerhu-sernay, according to one local source.

HornAffairs also learned a mechanized division stationed in Mekele is partially mobilizing to the border area.

Map - Tsorena, Ethiopia Eritrea border
Map – Tsorena, Ethiopia Eritrea border

The skirmish expanded eastwards in mid-day.

In particular, the areas called Akran, Kolo berendo, and Kinin Kinito experienced fighting, HornAffairs’ sources disclosed. 

Civilians in Egela area are told to evacuate the area.

There has not been shooting Zalambesa area, but the military warned residents not to move outside town.

In Sheraro, west of Tsorena and close to Badme, there are unconfirmed reports of shootings but doesn’t appear serious. However, people reported unusual military movement.

It was not immediately clear how the fighting started.

Sources claimed the Eritreans ambushed Ethiopian troops while the latter were holding a football match among Brigades. However, it is not clear whether the match was this morning or in previous days.


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  1. i know both countries don`t want the war, so it would be no more than a skirmish, never a full scale war

  2. What is current essue for this?

  3. This last the end of Eritrean regime with its followers Onlfetc stand up and get rid off such fascist

  4. To Aba Biya, No matter how tyrant the regime is we all are united against any foreign agression.

  5. this is the beginning of the end of Weyane.

  6. Any bloodshed is unjust! People should not die to serve the elite.But if your mother land is invaded, no choice you have to shed blood to have a country where you can excercise your rights as per you cultural situation. Now I do not think the Ethiopian Gov have any interest in Eritrea. But Eritrea need war to divert the attention of the UN proposal to charge Eritrean regime.

  7. May God have mercy on us. War is not an option for both people. We have to learn from the past, we have suffered enough…….

  8. waw how some one says war is good, as I read some comments this that is not good. why people are dying for unnecessary conflict which is going to stop now or later on? we are not able to return the beloved once form both sides. so why we do not oppose for war? we were learned form the near past, that around 100000 people lost their life and the war stopped then. Could you please let we oppose the fight and find some mechanism to leave in peace. I am not good in English but hope pass some idea and a person who support peace please write a statement and organize the room to oppose the fight and stand for peace.

  9. Shabia bressed off news

  10. O Lord, may you settle the fire and preserve the people of both countries, undeniably they are brothers and sisters. So that the devil will ashamed of it. Thank you Lord.

  11. mr, you are provoding us atangible information as Iattended some of ur deeds.So continue with such genuine taks leave those who who talk on air with no acceptance.

  12. how much you are thinking as a humanbeing.eprdf is long live.

  13. War is distructive/ruin and un necessary thingfor humanbeings, especually in the 21c.

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