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Abune Mathias is elected as the 6th Patriarch of the Ethiopian Orthodox Tewahdo Church receivingabune matyas (2) two-third of the votes cast.

Abune Mathias was born Aba Teklemariam Asrat in 1934 Ethiopian calendar (1940/41 European calendar) in Tigray region, Agame awraja, Sebuha wereda.

He attained basic literacy in the traditional schooling service of the church under Kesis  Weldegerima.

He was ordained as deacon in 1948 (1954/55 European calendar) by Abune Markos, the then Archbishop of Eritrea province.

Following that, he started serving in several capacities at the Chohé  monastery, Tenben awraja, Tigray region, where he stayed for most of the subsequent 14 years.

In 1955 (1962/63), he was ordained as a Monk  .

He served in the Holy Trinity Cathedral, Addis Ababa, from 1964-68(1971/72 to 75/76)  assuming various roles.

Subsequently, he served for three years as a close aide (referred to as "Abune kesis" and especial secretary) to Patriarch Abune Teklehailmanot.

Abune Mathias was ordained as Episkopos in 1971 (1978/79).abune matyas (1)

Currently, Abune Mathias is Archbishop of the Church’s monastery in Jerusalem.

Abune Mathias became the 6th Patriarch of the Ethiopian Orthodox Church in the election held today where he received 500 of the 806 the votes cast by an electoral college representing various sections of the Church.

The rest of the votes were distributed to the other four fathers competing for the post. According to official results, Abune Elsaé, Abune Yosef, Abune Matheos and Abune Hizkel received 39, 98, 98 and 70 votes, respectively.

Abune Mathias will be enthroned as Patriarch this weekend, on March 3, 2013, at the Holy Trinity Cathedral, in Addis Ababa.


P.s. – Knowledgeable Church adherents are welcome if they wish to improve this profile in particular and enable us give proper coverage for the Church’s matters in general.

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  1. egziabher yetebetenewn menga bezih kidus abat selamun endyadlen mihretun endilikilin zewetir cherinetu kegna ga yihun…….in the other hand …i want to appriciate u for the things that u r posting,sharing and telling people the latest news …keep it up

  2. is it a must to be born in tigray to get a highst post in ethiopia?
    I wish if the vote is by blind man like that of egypt

  3. When will Woyane stop its pity drama in all aspects of Ethiopians? Ufffffffff. Tired of that.

  4. thanks to god 🙂

  5. I pray to see the day a real Pope becomes elected by the people of Ethiopia in stead of accepting a cadre assigned by the racist Woyane group. Go hell with Woyane

  6. oh this is nice! God bless our country by means of pope Abune Mathias

  7. Thanks God to give us such kind of Father. God Bless Ethiopia. Bezer yemileyayun Erkusan libona sitachew… Amen.

  8. MAY GOD GIVES US UNITY, LOVE, PEACE AND ABOVE ALL FEAR OF GOD BETWEEN AND AMONG OURSELVES, i.e, the followers of the Ethiopian orthodox church. lets pray together for GOD to help us and our new patriarch do for what GOD wishes us to do, to make the church independent from the government or otherwise and stands on its own leg. Bless only what is good. GOD bless Ethiopia.

  9. ”The fear of God is the beginning wisdom.” Beloved people of God, andebetachin bedfret bankeftis…”…. Hulun yazegaje gin eko God new – nothing happens out of His Will…” Degmom I will be lair not to believe Tigray as an Ethiopian Israel just because a lively history shows so.
    May the trinity of love, hope & faith be deep in our heart & soul to help us live as the Will of God.

    May God Bless Ethiopia !!!

  10. Proverbs 3:7 “Be not wise in your own eyes: fear the LORD, and depart from evil.”
    “in the silence of the Heart, God speaks.” Mom Teresa
    Bo Lekulu Gize…
    let’s Love Ethiopia rationally & say no to any kind of racism !!!

    Glory to God!!!

  11. WELL …the dust bin are not settled in EOC. Tough times ahead. we look to see the unity of the the Holy Synodos and pray together in one heart to Medhanialem and before the the Arcangel come for punishement. think serious!…Medhanialem betun yastedal zim aylim! beten yelewachoch adergachehal belo endaygerfen enfra!
    Some of the Churches engaged in tera business shops rather than openning college, schools or library for the development of human mind.. they focused on rent seeking, , copy business and ethinic politics!!

  12. enne ewneten menger yishalale hulume alafy newe kemerret betach endeyonass kalhone negeru senetewaweke antenanek ewnetene tenagrenena meskerene enmute beteley begiziabehere bete ena manene agobgubiy hula derome neberu ahuneme kodachewene keyrewe kerbewal abatachine ewkubachewe neku yeleboch abate endatehonu telute teteyfachewe enbi beluacew ateblu atkebelu keyte newe ymiametute demothchewe sente newe belu mermeru ewnete yneger hasset yseytane newe yegiziabeherw sewe aywashem

    REPRESENTING Ethiopian Orthodox Church

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