Breaking news| Ethiopia: 8 “highlanders” killed by South Sudanese refugees

South Sudanese refugees killed at least eight Ethiopians, around Gambella town, on Thursday, locals told HornAffairs.

The incident was triggered after a refugee was killed by a car accident.

The driver was identified as a highlander – a term broadly used to refer to residents who are neither from Nuer nor Anuak tribes, who dominate Gambella regional government.

He is an employee of ACF, a humanitarian organization and believed to have fled the area for fear of retaliation.

The refugees attacked “highlanders” residents of the area in retaliation on Thursday.

Local residents told HornAffairs two women and six men were killed.

The victims were “carpenters, masonry workers and daily laborers”.

The refugees are posted at Jewi camp which hosts almost fifty thousand individuals, mostly from South Sudan’s Nuer tribe.

The camp is located 18 kms from Gambella town on the road to Addis Ababa.

Ethiopia hosts about 270 thousand South Sudanese refugees.


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  • Amharic and Amhara people is not easily destroyed. Those that tried to do that fall before Amara or Amharic is destroyed . Recently Ahmed Nasir, President of the Benishangul Gumuz State, Died at age 51 on Thursday May 18, 2016 he is remembered among many crimes for his ethnic cleansing especially in 2013 he was responsible for so many crimes against the Amara ethnicity members. He also made it a rule noone speak Amharic in his office. The whole idea and talk about oppression of nations and nationalities, as they call them, was propagated only to patronize the ethnic elites and facilitate their cooperation in the Bantustanization of Ethiopia and reduce the country to units manageable to rule. That was how you could manufacture surrogate ethnic parties. This was the reason the multiethnic Ethiopian People’s Democratic Movement (EPDM) was forced to become an ethnic Amhara party overnight, though it is obvious that none of it looks like a party created to help Amharas.

    Folks, whether you like it or not, this is the vision that will definitely challenge Ethiopia’s survival as a nation in the future. And this is the vision that all of Ethiopia’s officialdom and party cadres are swearing to preserve. Be afraid not only for the Amhara, this poison embedded in the philosophy of our government’s ethnic policy can destroy Ethiopia if left unreformed. This fire will catch more forests. You ain’t seen nothin’ yet, as my American friends would say.

    Yes, we are witnessing a painful tragedy in progress and I understand why many of you are crying. I myself did shade some tears when listening to the voices of the unfortunate. But don’t let your tears cloud you from seeing the real reason. There is a need for a huge change in Ethiopia.

    Chief Administrator of Benishangul Gumuz Regional State, Ahmed Nasir, has passed away yesterday at the age of 51.
    According to the regional state communication affairs office, Ahmed had been chief administrator of the state for the past 7 years.
    He was also a deputy chairman of Benishangul Gumuz People’s Democratic Party (BGPDP), the ruling party in the regional state.
    The late Ahmed earned his first degree from Haremaya University in agricultural engineering and his second degree from the Chinese Hohai University in water engineering.
    He also served as state minister of agriculture and as head in various government offices.
    He will be laid to rest in the regional state’s capital, Assosa, in the presence of his family, relatives and residents of the town.
    He is survived by his wife and a son.


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