Two hundred killed in Ethiopia-South Sudan border areas 

An attack by South Sudanese men and Ethiopian retaliations have so far cost at least two hundred lives.

Armed men from South Sudan Murle tribe killed hundreds yesterday after attacking three Woredas on Ethiopian’s western region Gambella.

Ethiopian officials, who merely referred to the armed group as bandit, said 140 Ethiopians were killed, while Sudanese media put it as high as 170.

The Friday attack targeted Nare, Jikawa and Mekuwe Woreda. And most of the deceased are said to be from the Nuer tribe, which dominates the area.

The Murle tribe armed men have also killed about 16 people from Agnua tribe around Abobo? earlier this week, according to HornAffairs’ sources.

Ethiopian officials claimed the armed men have no links to the South Sudan government. However, locals claim they were in military fatigue.

The cause of the attack is so far unknown.

Local people told HornAffairs the Murle tribe is known for attacking adjacent tribes for staging attacks to steal cattle herds. Neighboring tribes also accuse the tribe of “black magic” – which indicates a tense inter-tribe relations in the area.

A unit from the Ethiopian National Defense Forces reportedly launched a retaliatory attack inside South Sudan.

The military operation – apparently still ongoing – killed at least 60 alleged perpetrators of the attack, according to officials.

Map – Gambella, Ethiopia


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