Ana Gomes calls: PM Hailemriam weak, EPRDF "deviously smart"

European parliament member Ana Gomez urged EU Council President Barroso to pressure Ethiopia, in a letter written last Tuesday.

Ana Gomes was head of the EU Election Observatory Mission in 2005, when she encouraged Berhanu Nega et al to attempt a color-revolution by leaking a paper that indicates they won the election. Though Mrs. Gomez denies the leak to date and claims she doesn’t know who won the election, she frequently attends meetings held by Berhanu Nega’s Ginbot-7 party and other violent groups.

In her letter last week, Ana Gomez indicated her support for the Eritrean regime claiming that Ethiopia should be pressured for her “refusal to settle the border with Eritrea“. It is known that the Ethio-Eritrean decade-long stalemate is due to Eritrea’s unwillingness for a bilateral peace-talks, though Ethiopia is willing to implement the illogical decision of the boundary arbitration commission.

Ana Gonmez accused Ethiopia for “military interference in Somalia”. This is despite the fact that Ethiopia’s military intervention was upon the invitation of the UN-recognized government of Somalia and is applauded by the international community, except some deviants – like, the Asmara regime and Ana Gomez herself.

Ms. Gomez also claimed that: “[PM Hailemariam] Desalegn would push for democratic change, but he alone has reduced margin of manoevre.”

The claim is nothing but an echo of the perception among some Western diplomats that they can make Ethiopia their lap dog if only they can get rid of TPLF. Apparently, parroting what they hear from their trusted local activists.

It is in this context that Ana Gomez and a couple of senior western officials push for the release of Holocaust glorifier Eskinder Nega, though his case is still pending in court.

You may read Ana Gomez’s letter below.
16 April 2013

Dear President Barroso,

I am aware that you are meeting Hailemariam Desalegn, Prime Minister of Ethiopia, this week. I would like to share some concerns with you, in the hope that you will raise them with the Prime Minister.

As you know, in the last few years, the crackdown against the free media and civil society in Ethiopia intensified under the regime of Meles Zenawi. Journalists like Eskinder Nega and Reeyot Alemu continue to languish in prison, despite western praise of their work and independent assessment that their conviction violates international law (please see enclosed).

Unfortunately, European diplomats concentrated on pressing for the release of the Swedish journalists, but neglected Ethiopian journalists and pro-democracy activists, who continue to be incarcerated. The hope for democratic transition and openness that we felt upon the new leadership of Mr. Desalegn fell void in recent months, since no groundbreaking reforms have taken place.

I believe that Mr. Desalegn himself would push for democratic change, but he alone has reduced margin of manoevre. It is important to stress, though, that any prospect of a peaceful democratic transition in Ethiopia must necessarily include the prompt release of all political prisoners. Therefore I would urge you to press for the release of political prisoners and highlight the need to amend the Anti-Terrorism Proclamation, which has justified arrests of both journalists and members of the political opposition, along with the Charities and Societies Proclamation law (CSO law), which severely restricts the work of NGOs in the country.

Moreover, apart from the refusal to settle the border with Eritrea, the military interference in Somalia, the barbarous repression in the Ogaden and against other people in Ethiopia, I am particularly concerned with the fact that the Meles regime started meddling in the Muslim community and creating dangerous resentment which is threatening the harmony developed for centuries between Christianity and Islam in Ethiopia. It is my conviction that the repressive EPRDF regime in Ethiopia, however deviously smart, is not sustainable and will not ensure long term stability in the country and in the region.I would thus equally urge you to stress for greater openness in the political space and respect for constitutional rights, in particular the rights of minorities.

Thank you.
Best regards,
Ana Gomes


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  • All this blurred vision she is trying to creat can be made clear if you watch what late PM Meles Zenawi said at the 2005 election about this bitch. He made it clear that she is one of those who are tring to impose a liberal party in Ethiopia for thier sake. And that, my friends, is something that can never be dreamed of. We have come to see what liberalism means to Afriecans. The different countries in Africa which are dying from internal war and unstability are the ones who serendered to the pressures which Ethipia is facing currently. We clearly know what liberalism could bring us. We have choosen our way of development and we will pursue this way even at the cost of our lifes because that is what our dear and loved martyrs thought us. And we don't entend to dishonor thier struggle for the bright future of this unique people. Peace be unto those who gave their lifes to my people. And we all Ethiopians are here to do what we are meant to do, winning the game.

  • Ana GOmeze was lobbying the Ethiopian government to share some of the ministerial posts and governmental power with those un elected opposition party in 2005 . Thanks to God and some of wise leaders in ruling party not to allow her idea from being historical mistake and respecting the voice of Ethiopians by refusing her evel ideas from bearing bitter fruits ,which otherwise led to the violence similar to our Kenyan friends that left over 1300 people on the street .we Ethiopians know and works for our betterment let ana gomeze speackes to the people of her country as she represent them,she doesnt deserve and cant be be the representative even the observer of our any things ,she is aged enough to see things clearly ,

  • Dani good Article. But on "PM
    Weak", she said that he has limited
    "margin of manoevre". Does that
    amount to weakness? Every high
    ranking Democratic political leader
    has limited space for flexibility on a
    range of positions for particular
    reasons. Leaked US cables indicated
    that MZ himself had limited space
    for manoevre on some of the
    policies. We all know that the current US president had limited space for manoevre in US-Russia nuclear deal that he requested the Russian counterpart for understanding.

  • Thank you for sharing ....እኔ የምለው; አና ጎምዛዜ ፖርቱጋላዊ መስላኝ... ለካስ የኛው አገር ሰው ነች... ሎል ግንቦት 7 ስብሰባ ላይ ትወዘፋለች ነው ያልከው ቂቂቂቂቂቂ ለፎቶ ነው ወይስ ስብሰባው በፖርቱጋልኛ ነው?
    ምርጫ ታዛቢ እንደነበርች አስታውሳለው... ምርጫው ተቅሞ አልቆ እሷ ውሃ ወቀጣ የያዘች ነው ምትመስለው... እስካሁን ድረስ ቂጧን ብርሃኑ ነጋ መላጣ ላይ አስደግፋ አይነቅነቄ ኢህአዴግን ለመነቅነቅ ስትባዝን ያውሮፓ ማህበረሰብ ማፈሪያ ሆናለች...

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