Press release: Tigray Governance Forum

Recent announcements of an underway preparation for Tigray governance Forum cession at Addis Ababa comes at a time where some initiatives for engagement between different stakeholders have started taking place. This initiative comes with a strong belief that a society that is battling socioeconomic and related multifaceted governance challenges necessarily requires combined inputs of ideas, professional experiences, stock of academic knowledge, endogenous cultural thoughts and other inputs from various stakeholders.

As these initiatives can possibly emanate from public service arenas, academic entities, civic associations and others alike, Tigray governance forum seeks to assume one of these role-players. Together with this, there is an understanding that the synergy of combined thoughts demands the arrangements of an all possible stakeholders’ inclusive efforts to provide a bigger picture of contexts and perspectives for successful engagements and practices. It is thus with this notion that this forum aims at involving different stakeholders consisting of public servants, academicians, professionals, students, political entities and other actors disregard to difference in social, political or other dispositions.

Moreover, the forum aims at conducting focal discussions with four major prior agenda themes, which the organizers consider as worth discussing to enable generation of combined ideas at last. The major focal objective themes aim at discussing on ways to addressing the challenges of providing sustainable economic opportunities, ensuring rule of law and socioeconomic security, enhancing popular participation and ensuring protection of human rights and provision of effective human capital from an improved quality of education. In relation to the expected ideas from the points of diverse background of the discussants, the forum aims at involving respective academic and professional personalities that are expected to be among of the well expertise and professional experience available.

Using all available possible media outlets, the forum expects to galvanize different ideas and disseminate to different interested stakeholders like policy makers, academicians and civic and other interested parties in relation to making the input ideas available for processing and  for more pragmatic engagements in relation to the socioeconomic and governance related issues of Tigray region. This helps reach out those concerned stakeholders that couldn’t attend the conference in person in the interest of place and time mismatches. By doing so, the forum also hopes to demonstrate the importance all inclusive participatory engagements along defined objectives that could avoid being constrained by differences of different social and political backgrounds.

The organizers of the forum thus welcome and advance their gratitude for all the participants for their considerations to rendering time and knowledge and personal contributions for the successful completion of the forum beforehand.

The forum is scheduled for the 16th of June 2018 in Harmony Hotel, Addis Ababa.

The Organizers


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