Egypt asks Israeli help on Ethiopian Renaissance dam

(Al-Araby Al-Jadeed)

Egyptian President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi is reported to have asked the Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to intervene and help solve his country’s dispute with Ethiopia over the Renaissance Dam crisis.

The Al-Araby Al-Jadeed newspaper reported Arab diplomatic sources as saying on Monday: “Sisi has recently asked Netanyahu to help Egypt resolve its dispute with Ethiopia over the Renaissance Dam, due to Ethiopia’s intransigence and refusal to respond to the Egyptian calls to coordinate efforts during the construction and storage stages.”

Photo – President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi and Prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu

The sources added that al-Sisi’s move came after Ethiopia rejected all pressures exerted by Arab parties, including Saudi Arabia and the UAE, because Addis Ababa believes “the national project will help lift its deteriorating economy”.

The sources said that Egypt has finally resorted to asking Israel for assistance, a strategic ally of Ethiopia and a number of Nile Basin countries.

Speaking to the newspaper, an Egyptian diplomat warned against al-Sisi’s move, saying it could lead to the transfer of the Nile water to Israel, explaining that current and former Israeli leaders have been calling for this since the signing of the Camp David agreement.

Addis Ababa and Tel Aviv enjoy close ties on the economic side, with Israel having provided a range of grants to Ethiopia over the past years.


Source: Al Arabia via Middleeastmonitor 

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  • i start my comment by presenting ethiopian old folktale[in one corner of the country there was a man who tells futurity for the community inculuding their death day . as a reuslt of his etraordinary capability peoples start following the man .finaly the king ignored by the regular people . immediately the king sent his troops and made him under control. thenafter the king asked him a question if you have an ability to know the futurity of any body just tell me which day i die?the fortune teller said you die immediately after you killed me .the king worried for a time and decide to host and look after the fortune teller in his palace until his death]according to this old theory trying to create one thing in ethiopia expose egypt to pay 100 milion price for each indiviual aggression . my viewer i addvice egyptian reactionary classical leader do not run fast to the double blade knife when they try to cut the un colonized great ethiopia they will loose totaly egypt from our globe like their for father leaders faraone;

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