Nile| Renaissance dam to start power generation next year

(Nesru Jemal)

The Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam (GERD) is to start generating electricity next year, that’s according to the National Coordination Office for the dam.

The project is finalizing preparation to start generating 700MW electricity by next year, office Deputy Director General, Zadig Abraha told ERTA on Tuesday.

The personnel at the project site are working round the clock to meet the timetable, he added.

According to Zadig, to date, 25.4 percent of work on the dam has already been done.

While the project has so far created 6,000 jobs, the amount is expected to double in the end.

5.2 billion Birr of pledges thus far has already been collected whereas over 10 billion Birr is yet to be collected.

A total of 80 billion Birr is needed to accomplish the grand project, which would be the biggest power plant in Africa generating 6,000MW electricity.


Source: ERTA, Nov. 5, 2013, titled “GERD to start generate 700MW by next year“, by reporter Solomon Tsegaye.

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