Melaku Fenta case: List of detained officials, businessmen for corruption

(Daniel Berhane)

Director General and Deputy Director of the Ethiopian Revenues and Customs Authority were put in custody on Friday, as reported in the previous news in this blog.

The detention is on charges of suspicion of corruption according to the press statement from the Federal Anti-Corruption and Ethics Commission.

Though the Commission said the two high officials were detained along 10 other suspects, it didn’t disclose their name.

Today, the Commission disclosed the list indicating the total number detained is 13.

The specific nature of the corruption allegation is not disclosed yet.

Here is the list:

1. Melaku Fanta – Director General of the Revenues and Customs Authority with the rank of  Minister (read short bio here).

2. Gebrewahed Woldegiorgis – Deputy Director General of Enforcement Division of the Revenues and Customs Authority.

3. Eshetu Woldesemayat – Director of Prosecution Directorate of the Revenues and Customs Authority.

4. Tiruneh Berta – Head of a department responsible for confiscated proprieties’ management at the Revenues and Customs Authority.

5. Asemelash Woldemariam – in charge of various key functions at the Head office and at the Airport Customs departments of the Revenues and Customs Authority (he left the Authority a year ago).

6. Amegne Tagele – Head of Nazreth Customs Office.

7. Mulugeta Gashaw – Engineer at Oromia special zone (civil servant?).

8. Ketema Kebede – Owner of KK Trading Plc.

9. Semachew Kede – Owner of Intercontinental Hotel.

10. Nega Gebreegiziabher – Owner of Netsa Plc.

11. Meheretab Abraha – Investor and brother of Seeye Abraha.

12. Zerihun Zewede – Transiter and commission agent.

13. Marshet Assefa – Transiter and commission agent.
[Stay tuned for updates]

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Update: No. 2, 3 & 5 have been updated for accuracy (May 12, 2013 – 4pm)


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