Movements of, Ripostes to Radicalism in the Horn of Africa


1. Background Garissa University College attack in Kenya left close to 150 young students massacred by al Shabaab. Hundreds of people have been holding a candle-lit vigil in Kenya’s capital, Nairobi, to remember the victims of last week’s attack at Garissa University College by al-Shabab gunmen. A temporary shrine of […]

New Frontier on Religious Schisms & Feud for the Gulf’s ‘Caliphate’


(Costantinos Berhutesfa Costantinos, PhD, Professor of Public Policy) 1. Introduction The 1936–1939 Arab revolt in Palestine or Great Arab Revolt was a nationalist uprising by Arabs in Mandate Palestine against British colonial rule and mass Jewish immigration (Hughes, 2009). Although the 1936–1939 Arab revolt in Palestine was unsuccessful, its consequences […]

Moody’s retains Ethiopia’s B1 rating – notes weak Institutional Strength


The leading creating ratings agency, Moody’s Investors Service (abr. as Moody’s) retained Ethiopia’s B1 Credit rating. In its country credit analysis report released last Friday, Moody’s announced that “Ethiopia’s favorable growth prospects and low debt burden support B1 rating”. Ethiopia attained a B1 rating from Moody’s on May 2014 ahead […]

Ethiopia’s Eurobonds may lead to financial liberalization | Dr Costantinos Berhutesfa


Reporter: What are Eurobonds? Costantinos: Eurobonds are a means of resource mobilization – investment finance for infrastructure development and manufacturing and help reduce budgetary deficits that have less conditionality and that may free a nation from dependence on foreign aid. The borrower has more latitude in terms of how the […]

The Burkina Faso Coup: Is it the populace or the military?


Dr. Costantinos Beruh Tesfa Berhe[Presented to a select group of participants at a closed session at the AU and UNECA with the Pan African lawyers Union last month.] From Algeria and Egypt to Benin and Burkina Faso to Lesotho and Mauritania, Niger, Nigeria, Rwanda, São Tomé and Príncipe, Seychelles, Sierra […]

Dr. Costantinos: Can Ethiopia ever feed itself?


Last month, at the 23rd anniversary of the downfall of the Dergue regime, Prime Minister Hailemariam declared that Ethiopia’s have become food self-sufficient at national level with annual production of major crops reaching 25 million tones (250 million Quintals). And, that “the programs launched to attain food security at household […]

Dr. Costantinos at UN Security Council: The role of African Polities in IDPs saga


Testimony on the Plight of Internally Displaced Peoples (IDPs) in Africa and the imperative to Engage African States according to the Kampala Convention on the Protection and Assistance to IDPs. Venue: UN Security CouncilNew York, May 30, 2014. Speaker: Costantinos Berhutesfa Costantinos, PhD – Trustee, Africa Humanitarian Action, Professor […]

Interview| Dr. Costantinos explains Ethiopia’s first credit ratings


The three top agencies gave Ethiopia her first sovereign credit ratings, as per her application in late 2013. Sovereign credit rating is a grading of a country’s ability to meet its financial obligations. States often seek the rating to enhance their access to international finance markets, while investors use it […]

Private sector and the developmental state model (Dr. Costantinos)

''Dr. Costantinos Beruhtesfa Costantinos with Haile Gebreselasie

Editor’s note: Dr. Costantinos Beruhtesfa Costantinos had recently made some brief remarks to local media concerning the role of the private sectors and the developmental state model. In response to HornAffairs’ request for clarification, Dr. Costantinos provided us the following elaborate commentary on the matter. We are optimist that he will […]

Ethiopians contemplate a nation without Meles Zenawi | Washington Post


(By Matthew D. LaPlante) ADDIS ABABA, Ethiopia — When the summer rains come, as they have in cleansing torrents over recent weeks, the 3 million residents of Ethiopia’s smog-choked capital usually inhale a little more deeply and exhale a little more freely. But at this moment it seems the entire […]