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Cabinet Members

Photo from Dr. Tedros facebook page, Nov. 25, 2013. Captioned: "Having lunch with citizens deported from Saudi. They are upbeat."

FM Dr. Tedros says: Officials fine with facebook

“No one is unhappy about m social media presence…..In fact, at a recent high-level meeting, attended by the Prime Minister, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs was commended as a good example for to its online activity both at organizational level and by its officials “.

Notes on PM Hailemariam’s Cabinet reshuffle

(Daniel Berhane - July 7, 2013) Ethiopia’s Prime Minister appointed twelve Minsters this week. It is the biggest cabinet reshuffle since Hailemariam took …

Special Edition | Post-Meles Zenawi 2012

Special edition| Post-Meles 2012 Collection of exclusive interviews, opinion pieces and news digests covering the four moths after Meles.    ************************** *PM …

Exclusive Interview | Getachew Reda on regional, security issues

” Your hypothesis is just a hypothesis – in fact, an outrageous one…..[It presupposes] that the ONLF was so potent militarily that it could even threaten the transition. Even [ONLF chief] Admiral Osman would not go that far. “

PM appoints Execution Supervisors

Ethiopian Prime Minister Meles Zenawi six more officials with the rank of State Minister on Wednesday, November 17/2010.
Five of the appointees are Execution Supervisors and the sixth is responsible for the special office of the PM.


New Security Advisor Appointed, State Media Skipped the News

Since Oct. 5/2010, PM Meles Zenaiw appointed 30 Ministers(including 10 Ministers without Portfolio), 49 State Ministers(including Prof. Tekalegn Mammo Advisor to the Minister of Agriculture with the rank of a State Minister ), 36 Especial envoys, Ambassadors plenipotentiary and Ambassadors, and 1 Commissioner (Sport Commissioner Abagisa).

The public media outlets reported all the previous appointments, as they were immediately notified by a letter from the PM Office.

But not this time.


Ethiopia: Minister Abay Tsehaye Doubles as Director-General

The Prime Minister assigned Abay Tsehaye to a new post on Friday. Abay Tsehaye is to head the new giant sugar corporation as a Director-General, Minister with without Portfolio. Though, he is still serving as National Security Advisor to the PM.