African Union: Talks on Nile shouldn’t be in colonial context

(Zeryhun Kassa)

Nkosazana Dlamini Zuma, Chairwoman of AUC reckons the Nile waters issue deserves a win-win solution in the new Pan-Africanism spirit:Her Excellency Dr Dlamini Zuma

“I think it will be important to have discussions that are open and that look at how we can have a win-win solution in a new context not in the context of the colonial powers but in the context of Pan-Africanism and African Renaissance.”

She urges Egypt and Ethiopia to come to round table discussions so that they can sort out the concerns through win-win negotiations:

“Our view from the Commission obviously is that it is important that there should be discussion aimed at having win-win solution and we think it is possible to come to agreement that won’t harm any party because both countries need the water.”

The negotiations, she advised, should be in the spirit of mutual interest between the two friendly people.

As for the 50th Anniversary of AU she said the celebrations have been effectively held and was a success. She lauded Ethiopia for its bounty support to conduct such a colourful anniversary.

Africa should work now on its youth to drive its development forward and empower the youth to turn the future around for African prosperity, Dlamini told reporters the focus of the continent in the years to come.

She also noted Africa should strive to be financially self-sufficient while she stresses the urgency for Africa to continue to reduce mother and child mortality to save lives that the continent loses due to preventable diseases.


Source: ERTA – June 12, 2013, titled “Dlamini- Nile deserves win-win solutions”.

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