Nile | Pres. Morsi: Eritrea supports Egypt's "historic rights"

President Mohamed Morsi held on Monday 15/4/2013 a meeting with Eritrean President Mohamed Morsi and Eritrean foreign minister Osman SalehPresidential Advisor Yemane Gebreab and Foreign Minister Osman Saleh on means of promoting bilateral ties.

The meeting tackled the file of Nile water along with discussing regional and international issues of mutual concern, said a statement released by the Presidency.

Morsi praised the Eritrean stance that supports the Egyptian historic rights in Nile water.

Morsi said he is looking forward to holding a meeting with Eritrean President Isaias Afewerki as soon as possible.

Meanwhile, Foreign Minister Mohamed Kamel Amr received Eritrean Foreign Minister Osman Saleh and Eritrean Presidential Advisor Yamani Jibrab.

Foreign Ministry Spokesman Amr Roshdi said that Eritrean Foreign Minister Osman Saleh conveyed a message to President Mohamed Morsi from Eritrean President Isaias Afewerki.

Roshdi noted that the two sides took up means of boosting bilateral relations between Egypt and Eritrea as well as coordinating stances toward a host of international issues.

He added that Amr stressed Egypt’s keenness on promoting trade with Eritrea.

Source: Egypt State Information Service – April, 16, 2013. Originally titled “Egypt, Eritrea discuss boosting bilateral relations”.

Note: In the original text it refers to Yemane Gebreab as Yamani Jibrab and to Osman Saleh as Othman Saleh.


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11 Comments on Nile | Pres. Morsi: Eritrea supports Egypt's "historic rights"

  1. We will see what will happen next. But i don’t think that eritrea will prefer that old game

  2. I dont think the Eritrea people will support this silly.

  3. The new Egyptian government is still trying to play the old game which was led by unfair referees but the environment is not the same necessitating him to be a fair player and stop such a silly action of talking about historic rights.

  4. This is very interesting , The Nile politics goes beyond water issue to political issue . Eritrea will not benefit if Egypt alone uses the Nile waters . The so called ‘Historic rights’ is debatable who has this historic right alone.

  5. since ERitrea is a Habesha state, i don’t think the Eritrean people will take side with the filth Egypian Arabs!! long live Eritrea and Ethiopia.. the sister nations of one race!

  6. dog barks while camel proceeds. z key is in z heart of Ethiopians & nowhere else

  7. It’s important to stop the trafficking of refugees, but unfortunately Morsi probably does not care. Give him a photo-op to with Eritrean gov officials for the egyptian public opinion. I support the PFDJ social agenda and I know they are not naive when it comes to the politics of the middle east. Brothers need not worry.

  8. This is one of the bastrd belive of the ancient egiptians.But not the moderns.We eritreans & ethiopians were one.are one &one 4 future.

  9. The filthy blood suckers of the Sinai are soaking relatives of their ‘ Eritrean hostages’ to the tune of millions. Yet the Eritrean stooges are worried about the waters of the Nile to which their contribution is minimal. The Mereb is a ‘ seasonal river’ and hardly drops a bucket to the mighty Nile. The seemingly patriotic and ultra nationalists haven’t said a ‘ word’ about the ‘ organ trade’ and ‘ extortion’ by the Bedewi tribe in the Sinai Peninsula. I wouldn’t be surprised if this ‘ trade’ is going on with the ‘ blessing’ of the corrupt nomenclatura in Cairo. I am sure some of the ‘ blood money’ trickles to those in Asmara whose patriotism is eclipsed by their ‘ greed’ and mafiosi tendency they learnt from their capos and bosses in Palermo, Napoli and Calabrese while they flipped pizza or manhandled the kitchens.

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