Text of Ethiopia’s draft Computer Crime proclamation


Proclamation   No. ……/2016 A PROCLAMATION TO PROVIDE FOR THE COMPUTER CRIME WHEREAS information and communication technology plays a vital role in the economic, social and political development of the country; WHEREAS unless appropriate protection and security measures are taken, the utilization of information communication technology is vulnerable to various computer crimes […]

Researcher: Hate, dangerous speech low among Ethiopian facebook users


Ethiopians’ discussion on facebook is much more nuanced than perceived to be, according to a team of researchers monitoring the social media. The lead researcher, Iginio Gagliardone, says the ratio of hate speech and dangerous speech is negligible. “Only 0.4% of statements in our sample have been classified as hate […]

Ethiopia to charge Viber users, register phone apparatus


(Capital newspaper) Using Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) applications free of charge may no longer be possible as Ethio Telecom is in the process of implementing new technology that would charge users for services such as Viber and Whatsapp. According to Andualem Admassie, CEO of the telecom company, a new […]

SEA-ME-WE-5 submarine cable system lands in Djibouti


Today, Djibouti Telecom completed the landing of the SEA-ME-WE-5 submarine cable system in Haramous, achieving its primary goal of turning Djibouti into a major regional and global hub for telecommunication. The inauguration ceremony took place in the presence of Ismaïl Omar Guelleh, President of the Republic of Djibouti and the […]

Ethiopian Semere Tadesse & co. "make sound loud enough to bend light" at University of Minnesota


Press releaseUniversity of Minnesota, November 26, 2014. During a thunderstorm, we all know that it is common to hear thunder after we see the lightning. That’s because sound travels much slower (768 miles per hour) than light (670,000,000 miles per hour). Now, University of Minnesota engineering researchers have developed a […]

Ethiopia to buy 18 Su-30 fighter jets |Vietnamese media

''Photo -Sukhoi Su-30 fighter jets - Ethiopia

Eighteen Su-30K fighter jets that India returned to Russia, probably will not be sold to Vietnam, but instead is Ethiopia. Deputy Group Director arms exporter Rosoboron Export, Alexander Mikheyev, said that Russia is negotiating to supply 18 Su-30K fighters to Ethiopia. Eighteen multipurpose fighters were returned to India to replace the […]

Ethiopia’s web filtering | Beyond the cycle of condemnation and denial


Last March, on the bi-monthly press conference, when the BBC journalist asked Premier Meles Zenawi, after noting the signal interferences on the VOA Amharic service in the earlier three weeks, whether he ‘know(s) anything about it and why it is happening’, he was certainly expecting a categorical denial. Because, that […]

Ethiopia’s web filtering | Advanced technology, hypocritical criticisms, bleeding constitution


Thus far, Ethiopia’s internet filtering had been characterized by technical limitations and hesitance. That is reflected in the filtering methods employed and the hesitance to admit the act publicly. Presumably, the hesitance of decision-makers might be the cause of its randomized application of the filtering and slowed up technical capacity […]