Breaking-news: Bahirdar's killer identity disclosed, confirmed dead

May 14 2013

(Daniel Berhane)

The man responsible for the Bahir-dar massacre has been found dead this morning.

A rogue police officer had  killed twelve people in the in Bahir-dar city, around the vicinity called Abay Mado – Kebele eleven, on Sunday evening around 9 pm.

The Amhara region police confirmed today that the killer was disgruntled due to a rejection by a womaBahir-Dar's killer Constable Fekadu Nasha's body found dead in Blue Nile - Abay rivern he loved. Her mother was the first victim.

He continued randomly shooting people on the street, causing the death of another eleven and seriously injuring another two.

The police officer, who is member of a Federal Police unit stationed in the vicinity of Bahirdar city, was identified as Constable Fekadu Nasha and said to be from Oromiya region.

Constable Fekadu has managed to escape pursuit by security officers jumping into Blue Nile river from a bridge at a specific location called Chore-Chora. His body was found this morning after a high-profile search by the Federal police and local militia.

Prime Minister Hailemariam Desalgne issued a prompt press statement on Monday calling the massacre “cruel, outrageous and unacceptable”.

Similarly, Ayalew Gobeze, President of Amhara state pledged that he will hold into account if concerned officers and officials would be found of responsible of “creating conducive environment” for the massacre and for not halting it in time.


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  1. zewdu

    I think many federal polices are not responsible for their obligation instead they use their power for girls asking for sex in many cities where they found .This police also made that .So the concerned head must follow and observe also other police members and they must obey from handeling the gun and other military equipents at the normal situation.

  2. orthis

    BAHIR DAR (May 14) — The death toll from the Sunday night rebel attack in Bahir Dar city rose to 14 on Tuesday after two more officials died in hospital, a rebel spokesperson has told Ethiomedia by phone.

    The insurgent who was wearing a federal police officer uniform carried out the attack at Dashen House in Kebele 11, a highly secured place where officials hold weddings and other private parties. The headquarters of the ruling Amhara National Democratic Movement (ANDM) is also located there.

    A senior ANDM official identified by his first name Tadesse was also killed at ANDM HQs the same night, the source added.

    Tension has remained high as sec

  3. [email protected]

    The Toxic rushed to claim he is from Tigrai Region read [De Berhanes stauts update]