Nile | China provides $1 billion for Renaissance dam Transmission lines

Apr 26 2013

The Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam-Dedesa-Holeta 500 KV Power Transmission Project has been signed between Ethiopian Electric Power Corporation (EEPCo) and China Electric Power Equipment and Technology Co.Itd.

The transmission line is of double circuit and it stretches 1238 km from the Renaissance Dam to Dedesa to Holeta through 500kvGrand-Ethiopian-Renaissance-dam-Millennium-dam-reservoir.jpg transmission line. There will be two new substations in Dedesa and Holeta. The over 98 km transmission line of 400kv stretches from Holeta to three existing substations: Sebeta II, Sululta II and Akaki II. The total transmission line is 1336kv long.

The total transmission line contract price is US$ 820 million and the two substations construction costs over US$ 359 million. The overall cost of the project is over US$ 1.17 billion.

The Chinese Electric Power Equipment and Technology Co.Itd covers 85 % of the cost of the project from Chinese financial sources while the balance is financed by Ethiopian Electric Power Corporation. This implies the Chinese provide over a billion dollar to the construction of the transmission line project, which of course shows the very close relationship between China and Ethiopia.

When interest combined, the total contract amount of the project is over US$ 1.4 billion. The Project duration of the contract is 28 months after two months of the signing ceremony.

In the signing ceremony, CEO of EEPCo Mihret Debebe said the signing of the contract is historic as the Chinese keep providing financial support to such huge project to which the country attaches profound significance.

The Chinese responded saying Ethiopia is a strong economic and political ally in Africa and the cooperation between the two nations will remain strong.

The signing ceremony is attended by Dr. Debretsiyon Gebremichael with Deputy Prime Minister Portfolio, Minister of Water and Energy, Alemayehu Tegenu, State Minister of Finance and Economic Development, Ahmed Shide and other dignitaries.


Source: Ethiopian Radio and television Aency – April 26, 2013. Originally titled “Renaissance Dam Power Transmission Project signed”, by Zeryihun Kassa.