US-backed Egypt military "to control Nile" | Israeli media

Apr 23 2013

Egypt’s military, financed by the United States, has been preparing for what could be a war for control of the Nile.

Western intelligence sources said the military command has urged President Mohammed Morsi for a buildup meant to block any attempt to divert the Nile. They said the military envisioned a crisis with Ethiopia that could threaten water supplies to Egypt and Sudan.Ethiopia Egypt Nile river map

“For the Egyptian military and government, this is perhaps the most burning security issue today,” a source said.

The sources said Morsi has sought to form a military alliance with Sudan to prevent Ethiopia from constructing a dam along the Nile. The Renaissance Dam was meant to draw 84 billion cubic meters of water from the Nile, sufficient for hydroelectric power.

“The military has been preparing for the prospect that air strikes would be ordered to stop construction or simply destroy the Ethiopian dam,” the source said.

Egypt, which receives 60 percent of the river’s water, has insisted on preferential rights to the Nile. The sources said the Morsi regime was expected to issue a stark warning to Addis Ababa during its next session of the Egyptian-Sudanese-Ethiopian technical committee in late May 2013. The Nile is shared by 10 countries.

“Certain measures have to be followed to make sure that Ethiopia gets the water necessary for storage in the dam in line with Egypt’s consent and needs,” an Egyptian official told the state-owned Al Ahram daily on April 18.

The sources said Egyptian military planning was based on the delivery of the new F-16 Block 52 multi-role fighter from the United States. They said the Egyptian Air Force, expected to receive 20 such aircraft in 2013, has determined that the latest F-16 variant, which included extended fuel tanks, would enable an attack on the Ethiopian dam.

Egypt has determined that the Renaissance Dam would comprise a loss of between eight and 18 million cubic meters per year. The sources said Cairo has repeatedly warned the United States of the danger of the Ethiopian project.

“The U.S. input here is crucial, because its aircraft would be used for any military operation against Ethiopia,” the source said.

Acknowledgements to who bought the news from MiddlesEast Newsline for $8 USD. Originally titled “Egypt Military Gears For Water War“.


NOTE: The publishing of this news on this blog shall in no way give credibility to the news besides observing another Egyptian fantasy which an Israeli media chose to relay for obvious reasons. (Daniel).

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  1. Wende

    Hi, all Egyptians, NILE is GODS gift to Ethiopia. Its our water. your life is in Ethiopian’s hand. This is made by GOD. You better be submissive to GOD. For several years, your existence made possible by Nile water. From now on, we have accumulated money to develop our country. We are 87 million people. we are the only African country who defeated European conquerors. What Egypt is for Ethiopia???? Its is like a bread inserted in a hot TEA! Please, we are founder of AU.
    Even if we have a power to use all the water, we think of you. We are not selfish as you are. We want to use for hydroelectric power only. However, in the future, we will also use for agriculture. Pls calm down,

    OUR WATER, for our country!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    This is what GOD did……………..!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Haile

    all Egyptians please don’t be confused by your Muslim brothers government because studies showed that least impact will follow only 6% of water flow will decrease to your aswan dam due to the construction of Ethiopian great dam imagine how small this is but we Ethiopians hopefully relied on it. almost it is 100% of our life but your government is trying to stabilize political issues that are found in your country but your government had better to stop this historic mistake or ambiguity …….as a solution for your internal political instabilities

  3. Medhat Mousas

    In the war no body win BUT Water Nile is a life or death matter for Egypt we want you great nation to develop and if war happen lose-lose results for all of us , we have to talk and negotiate a win-win situation why we do not think about new joint venture project to increase the water resources in the blue Nile never forget the FACT Egypt and Ethiopia are neighbors and share the same artery and will remain neighbors as geography no one can alter it for ever then no way EXCEPT cooperation

  4. Medhat Mousas

    Water Nile is a life or death matter for Egypt we want you great nation to grow develop and build the ever shining Ethiopia but you also think about rights Tampering with the rights of a nation to water is tampering with its life and a decision to go to war on this score is indisputable tell me what we can do else even the army not move the people the farmers will come to fight for their we should a better way for cooperation , if war happen lose-lose results for all we have to talk and negotiate win-win situation why we do not think about new joint venture project to increase the water resources in the blue Nile Egypt and Ethiopia are neighbors and share the artery and will remain neighbors for ever then no way EXCEPT cooperation

    1. papanoelle

      Believe me! that’s what every Ethiopian wants. We know that you need the water (at least much of it) more than us. We don’t even want it for irrigation purposes because the amount of irrigable land in Ethiopia, contrary to Egypt, is very small. As the late Ethiopian PM said, we are not saying that we have to share the water equally, but equitably. What I see as a problem is the stubbornness of the Egyptian government because it loves the veto power granted to it by the British colonizers. This stubbornness have worked so far, but not anymore. So the best thing, as you said, would be to cooperate with all the Nile basin countries and for that Egypt needs to get off its high horse.

  5. Girmayyohannes

    Well, my coment to wards our great dam, the egybt and the ethiopian opesition parts is , as follows, first i have not dowt in complting the great dam. 2, it is better to die by comlting the dam rather than surrander to you. 3, please come out from looking down the tigray pepole we all are weyane b/s we all weyane won derg. Specialy some suporters are bluck maind NEFTGNA. Never think posetive but we tigrian will fnish you befor the Egpbt b/s you are ready to eat us if things are going wrong and tigray pepole should ready to defend them againest unti tigrian.!!!


    What a jock! Egypt will not try it unless they are not looking forward what will be the next measure of bloody heroes of 80 million ethiopians.The dam has been built in the hearts of every Ethiopian infant to all who breath its air.the dam displays the fingerprints of 80 million poor people who will be a spear flame if a single sand of the dam is touched by any outsider.They all prefer dying than looking the vision of pm MELES blurring.

    1. Medhat Mousas

      In the war no body win all are losers we never hate Ethiopians and we want you as great nation to grow and grow but my brothers water is life we have to find a way for a win-win situation where you can build the dam you see it great for your future and future of your kids and we did not get harmed

  7. Mahmoud Zayed

    It is tragic that the relation between our 2 ancient countries has reached such level on mistrust. It is years of colonization followed by failed leaders who were so short sighted that they failed to see the potential of co-operation.I know there is a lot of poverty going around more so in Ethiopia than in Egypt however we can overcome that by leadership on the 2 sides. Do not fool yourself and believe that war is the solution. Cooperation ,will allow our 2 peoples to achieve our countries goals and beware of outsiders with hidden agendas

  8. Micheal

    all what i see in this comments are hate and jealous from Egypt and also jealous from Ethiopia people are running from this two countries because life there is shit , being jealous created the war in Rwanda between two ethnics groups if there is war all the people will be in deep shit and by the way both of this two countries are favored by america so please stop speaking about Egypt is favored and etc you do not know the amount of poor people there it is not as you think at all and both of these countries are american dogs ……

  9. Mohamad

    Dear ethopian and african brothers, we do not seek war and are not planning any kind of airstrikes…..we support your right to have your own national project and build what you believe is good for your country…this problem will only be solved through agreements and cooperation, water is vital, water is life, all of the countries of the Nile use only 10% of its we better cooperate and benefit from the 90% we let go……long live africa, united and bonded with friendship if not alliance….your egyptian friend.

  10. Gezahegn Tamene

    Egyptian brothers should think again and again before they go to unnecessary action that would not bring any advantage to any one of the front liners. we Ethiopians are striving to get out of poverty not looking for luxury.

    Rather they should support us in order to grow together peacefully. Please think about mutual benefit.

  11. liichekoo

    Mr. Daneil ‘s Dreaming is far from truth, because Egyptian aren’t foolish as such. I don’t think they will maintain their sustainable water flow or quota as they said by bombing Ethiopian Rin. dam, because if they do this Ethiopia and other riparian countries have many options to retaliate the Egyptian action which is very disaster to Egypt.

  12. Abraham

    Ethiopia will not be diverting the water. There should be no concern for an all out war. The question should be whether Ethiopia is capable of building the Dam without bankrupting itself.

    The project is expected to cost $4.8 billion. Tekeze dam was estimated to cost $224 million. The project ended up costing $360 million. Assuming the same cost overrun, the final cost for the renaissance dam could reach $7.7 billion. This is without taking into account construction of grid lines to areas where the power is needed.

    Does anyone enlighten me how much fund is secured for the project so far?

  13. Motuma. D

    u know what will happen right after attack?? ……………….then faster progress of construction ………….still construction progress till the final destiny is reached!!! Nothing makes us stop!!! here what u should keep in mind is we arenot targeting to harm or make u thirsty by trapping the water, rather the thing is let u drink and let us also to drink!!! that is it !! we all love u egyptian bro & sis…………………………………………………………..

  14. tazabiw

    my previous threads are erroneous as i was buzzed,I think this is utterly unfounded article whose source is suspect. Considering the belligerent attitude of Morsi and his gang, all should be taken with a ‘ grain of salt’. Until proven otherwise, this is speculation at best. Ethiopia is a strong ally of the US and Egypt is closer to a ‘ failed state’ allying itself with ever shady groupings in the region. The question has to be when will Ethiopia approach the Bench at the International Court of Justice and once and for all have its fair share upheld. If Egypt is claiming 55 million we should claim half or a third of that. Then we can do what ever our heart desires with the internationally acknowledged quota.

  15. Bisrat

    I don’t wonder even if it is true. because, such regional conflicts and instabilities are among typical strategies that westerners use to sustain African underdevelopment and dependence. Mursi and his fellow Egyptians too are not and will never be happy Ethiopia to build such a dam!! so, the point is not pondering about this, instead, preparing for every sacrifices it takes!! Ethiopians have to stand together as usual!! the more united, the more we achieve our goal!!!

  16. Kebede

    By the way there are many Ethiopians who suggest that the Renaissance Dam should have been built in the center of the country not on the Sudanes border.The reason is to irrigate most of Ethiopia.But , the intelligent late Prime Mininster Meles made some sacrifice for the sake of win win arrangement.To avoid some fear by Egypt in case they may think the water stored could be used for irrigation.But,now the dam is almost in the Sudan as it is on the Border.In reality, the Egyptians are against the Sudanes because it is the Sudan that has large areas of land for irrigaitoan not Ethiopia.If Sudan is really on the side of Egypt they must be insane .They are the ones to benefit hugely from this Dam.In any case, African countris wake up and watch any new developments.

  17. Kebede

    Isayas miscalculated that Ethiopians are divided and attached.I hope our Egyptian brothers will not make the same mistake. By the way ,at the critical time.even Isayas will be on the Ethiopian side because he will come with funny ideas such as Making Asmera the capital city and Isayas ruling from Alexandria up to Kenyan border.

  18. Kebede

    May be our Israeli brothers want to distort Egyptian army.In any war to win the number prerequisite is Justice.It is unjust for Egypt to attach Ethiopian Dam being built by the contribution of poor people.If Egypt is a Muslim country ,it has also try to remember the words of Prophet Mohamed-Do not touch Abyssinians unless they touch you.Abyssinia (Ethiopia) did not harm Egypt on the other hand its fertile soil and its water resource has been simply flowing for years since mankind was in existence.Now ,when the people start to build it from personal contribution,to oppose such efforts is shame.History will tell what will happen.So,please try to cool down and send a delegation to Uganda to sign the Nile Basin CFA.May be you are afraid of the Egyptian people ,because your were telling them no body will touch it-this is the source of the mistake.You are selling your gas to Israel and geting money.Saudi Arabia is selling its oil and getting money.How on earth Ethiopians or Ugandans or for that matter any other Nile Basin country can make dams.Is Egypt at risk .No.Egypt is at risk if it follows wrong policy.Other wise with win win solution no risk at all.

    1. omaroo2

      Israel cannot attack egypt since they have peace agreement between each other. Its also a shame that you are calling israel brothers and not calling Egypt or Sudan as brothers since they contributed alot for the improvement of Africa in general while Israel is just thriving to collect more land for its country. Nice thinking seriously!

  19. Kebede

    Egypt is the most fragile nation in this world.Why was it never ruled by natives.It was under Romans,Albanians.Turks,Libyans , Ethiopians and Sudanese and now Saudi decendants.It is a country as if its people live in a house made of glass.One who lives in a glass house should not be the first to throw stone at any body else.Not alone Ethiopia ,Egypt will be in danger if it touches any African nation.Mr.Mursi please think for your people and come to beg Ethiopia for cooperaion ,No other way.You can not stop any African country from building dams.The 100 million Ethiopians will finish the 6,000 MW Ethiopian Grand Renaissance Dam in 2016.Better for you enter agreement at least to buy some of it.That is wise.If history does not teach you a lesson ,you will learn it by paying cost.As to Ethiopia God is always on its side.It is globalised world and hence sharing is the only way.You can not use Nile water only Egypt and the Sudan.Kenyans,Tanzanias,Ugandans, Ethiopians and others will use for electricity even for irrigation.


      u pathetic donkey , u make me laugh , ill tell u history dummy , THE GREAT KING RAMSIS THE SECOND ; THE GREAT KING OF EGYPT WHO U AND THE SURROUNDING NATIONS used to peee in ur pants by just mentioning his name . HE USED TO SEND ARMIES TO CRUSH U EVERY ONCE AND A WHILE , so i guess its time again for the spanking. READ HISTORY DUMMY AND KNOW WHO U R TALKING TO.WE R THE EGYPTIANS MORE THAN 7000 thousands years of rich history , we have the GREAT PYRAMIDS OF GIZA etc , what do u have u piece ignorant mule.

      1. papanoelle

        Well! Ramsis or the Pyramids are not going to fight for you for sure. Therefore stop the history lecture and think of what you are going to do about the big dam we are building. Putting shitty talk aside, I don’t think the likes of you and your lame ass government have any options than cooperating with Ethiopia!!

    2. Boulou

      We gonna show you some serious stones landing on your dirty Ethiopian head soon moron lol , btw , the reason that you believe your country that was rarely invaded or occupied and you relate it to some naive reasons like your courage and such funny stuff when you were actually some very primitive African tribes armed with sticks and your complete country would actually fall in 30 mins, is not really accurate , the real reasons you need to understand babe that no imperial power was ever interested in a landlocked free of resources country like yours skinny head lol they need the cost lines for their main weapon which is the navy , your country is so miserable to the point that nobody was even interested in invading it , but the good news is that we most probably gonna do it soon just to teach you some manners and test your courage and to see who would be begging for mercy

  20. tazabiw

    The Israeli media is so well connected i hate to doubt their source. What is our course of action on the table for the Powers to be. Now we know that O has all but forsaken us, one wonders if this will go as one of the murkiest political maneuver in the history of Humanity. Is there any ‘ rational thought process’ working at 1600 Pennsylvania

  21. tazabiw

    So O has given the ‘ green light’ for wacko Morsi to decimate Ethiopia, in a nut shell. The Egyptians waited two years until we scraped every penny and are threatening us. Ethiopia will better be prepared for this ‘ aggression’. There are lots of measures which could be taken………they got their cards and we have ours. They can bomb the Dam but we can send radioactive rubbish along with our precious water and soil. PCB and other highly toxic materials come to mind. Not that i advocate for such loose- loose scenario where by we wont benefit neither they.

  22. Zeldi

    I don’t think they will bomb the Dam, but if they do they will be damned by the International community they will definitely know that and I hope they will refrain from taking such measures for the sake of Egypt too, else it will be alienated and deprived of the international ear that she is enjoying currently.

    And I am afraid I am not sure if we have the capacity to intercept if the wished to bomb it. The report implies F-16 need not start from Sudan, it can start from Egypt, because it says “…..F-16 variant, which included extended fuel tanks, ….”

  23. #sebsibesolomon

    what a nightmare! This Egyptians want to continue the idea of resource colonization in the 21st centuary. Egypt cant afford to be a lone colonial power in the world as this black nation cant swallow that shame. Last time I checked, we have not welcomed any colonial power. Egypts claim for “historic right”, veto power over nile, etc. are irrelevant in the 21st centuary. They asume that we all are in 1920. Hey, we have come 100 yeard, and many things have chaanged in those years.

    The US financing of the Egyptian military is expected and their continued effort to empower Egypt even when the Mursi goverment is not desprate about it. They are like an unwanted boyfriend desprately in love, knowing dumping is iminently ahead.

    Last point, what is this “military action” thing always leaking from the so called “sources”? Egypt does not have an official means or media? They want to be perceived like superpower who can control and destroy the world overnight while they know they are not. we do not want war. we respect Egyptian need to use the water because that country cant survive without nile. we also want to use the water. however, we are equiped to defend ourselves in case they enjoy war.


      wake up dude , Egypt has been around for the past 7000 and more years , do u think that Egypt will one day be under the mercy of a bunch of dummies like u . Egypt will crush u within minutes. without sending a single soldier. Egypt has a military satellite picturing u day and night . Egypt will have no mercy on u , so better wake up and dont play a game u cant compete in

      1. Ethiop1

        You people are aggressive cowards, the world knows that,
        But you dont know how to fight, once it starts, you will ran like a lady holding your dress,
        this time we will make it way less than 6 days and send you back wherever middle east you came from, you don’t belong in Africa in the first place

      1. Tazabi

        What poor logic. Well you can not tell me not to use the water either. Arrogant egypt is thumbing its chest and does not even know what it can and can not do. It can negotiate with Ethiopia respecting Ethiopia and Ethiopians and come to a win win situation or try to fight a war it can not win and lose all its right to the Nile waters. Egyptians are full of themselves and do not even know their army’s track record. That is it has lost every war it fought.
        Ethiopia is a poor country and we do not want war. But we were never afraid of Egypt, we are not and will never be afraid of Egypt.

        You guys are operating with a typical Arab mind. What is mine is mine and what is yours is negotiable. What a bunch of idiots

        I can not believe how racist this idiots are

  24. Gunny49

    If you believe the U.S. would support Egypt (Muslim Brotherhood) over Ethiopia, I truly believe you are misguided. Ethiopia is a wonderful country and friend to the U.S. Ethiopia has the right to make and complete the Renaissance Dam and I know the country will prosper from it. Meles Zenawi was a great leader with a wonderful vision and maybe some of his policies were not exactly right all the time, be he loved his country so very deeply and always had his heart with making Ethiopia stronger both economically and to benefit all Ethiopians. He is now very much missed not only by his countrymen, but by countless millions throughout the world including me, who by the way is an American citizen living here in Ethiopia.

    1. Boulou

      the reason you believe the united states will be backing Ethiopia is that it is a wonderful country , wow , how cute ?? you sound a true expert in fairy tales politics , you know what Hun ? i recommend that ou go to bed holding your teddy bear and dreaming about the lovely worl you are living in .

    2. dawit

      you know i wouldn’t mind if i could bring him back even by paying my life because he is the one who realized the true way of the country. Thank you so much for understanding our reall feelings towards him. He is our father and we will be forever.
      WE LOVE YOU MELES!!!! You did something that no one can forget.

      1. Ethiop1

        Poverty(we can change it through hard work, BTW the whole egypt will be starved to death if not for Nile which is Ethiopias resource) is way better than bunch of barbaric and evil ideologist, terrorist people, who even blow each other up, which is full of egypt, to change that, you have to literally burn your qooran

    1. Boulou

      Ethiopian more strategic importance ?? LMAO you mean that landlocked country surrounded by Kenya and Eritrea and Somalia is more strategically important than the country contecting the red sea to the Mediterranean and Asia to Africa and bordering Israel and influencing the whole Arab world from the Atlantic to Persia and holding the balance of powers in the whole middle east ? what a true ignorant you are !

      1. Ethiopian

        Egyptian Idiot

        Which technology did Egypt invent. Donkey drawn cart ? or the internet. It is not technologically advanced. It is a backward poor country that survives on handouts from the US and rich Arab countries. So go beg more to fight a war that you can not win. All muslims can not be with you because this is not religious war. You idiot do not even know that. You want to steal our water and enslave us. You mean Muslims are going to stand with arrogant and bullies like you who want to steal what is not yours. More than a third of the Ethiopian population is Muslims. You mean Ethiopian Muslims will be with an Egyptian arrogant bully who does not care about us. For what ?
        You do not know how to fly the planes the Americans gave you. Because it requires more intelligence than what you display here. Go say what you want and bark like a dog you are. We will dam the river for development. There is nothing you can do to stop us. You can do nothing about it. You should be grateful for getting the water but the idiot you are take our goodwill for weakness. Only a stupid bully with a false sense of power does that. Your army is only good for shooting civilians in Cairo. Not fight real war with brave people defending their country. You guys are racist pigs and all you know is insults like a coward.

      2. Tazabi

        Mr Proud – You do not know how to use all these weapons. Having toys is one thing. Fighting a real war with brave people defending their home is another. Sure you guys have all these tanks and planes. Which enemy have you stopped using it which war have you won with it. The answer is non. So if I were you I will not be so proud.

        We may be poor but we will not let anyone impose their will on us least of all Egypt.
        The water is ours and we will use it how we want it.


        ethiopian dummies , r u guys that ignorant of how strong and technologically Egypt is advanced compared to ur pethetic primative gangs whom u call an army. Egypt has more than 240 f 16 , 10s of mirage 2000 , and not mentioning bombers. Egypt has also more than 80 apatchy helicopters . Egypt has a very strong navy , with submarines , Egypt has a military satillite taking photos of u dummies . Egypt Has God on its side with that 1.6 billion muslims . WOW U GUYS R IN BIG TROUBLE , and u dummies think u can even come close to the Aswan high Dam , dont make me laugh , with what …tell me me with what. , again fear our anger and fear our rage , U will be crushed without warnings , we will not have mercy on u . I hate wars but if u force us so be it. And all of u dummies r name calling the ARABS , well ill tell u why because they treat u like the way u deserve it.

  25. Mezemiran

    The key point is sure they may tempt to try militarily. On the Ethiopian side, the preparation must be to intercept planes, missiles and other projectiles way before they are launched. What does this means. for the planes to fly they have to have an airfield in Sudan. The activity in that airfield should be watched on a daily base via satellites and human intelligence.

    The second is regarding missiles, the same thing to the first one, There must be a constant satellite image evaluation over the whole region of Sudan and Eritrea regarding missile launching pad installations.

    These are heavy machines which needs months and weeks of preparations before they operate.

    The same for any eventual heavy artillery from west or northern border.

    Once you know the most probable location ( you never know exactly but most probably) then the defense mechanism could be developed accordingly.

    The Ethiopian army especially the anti missile unit must be very strong, since most likely the first thing they do would be a rain of missile attack to be followed by a fighter plane and then heavry low flying planes with their heavy loads of destruction.

    Regarding the Nile river water the Ethiopian government should go ahead with hundreds of new smaller dams across the valleys and gorges of the Ethiopian mountains where the people are living and secure an irrigation water for each and every village of the farmer.

    This way when the Nile really starts to dry, the Egyptian will be for sure start to know how they irreversibly destroyed their chance of a win-win solution.


  26. sisay

    we know the western countries favor Egypt but we will not ever be deterred by any trash comments or anything to stop us doing what we v to do , when the US support Misr for sure we will have the support of the Chinese even if they dnt We Are a country of warriors we will never bow for anyone.
    God Bless Ethiopia.

    1. Mike

      I agree bro, and also we all Eritreans, apart from the handful shallow minded PFDJ, have moral,obligation to stand by our brothers, Ethiopians if Egypt with its perceived western allies try to deter this graceful project. This is the time for Ethiopians wherever they are to come together and unite to raise one voice, that is no way to stop us from our project. Remember back in 1970s when millions of Ethiopians died because of famine and hanger, imagine what role could have played in eradicating famine and poverty in Ethiopia over the past many years if Ethiopia had constructed this dam. Let the Egyptians go to the hell if they can not accept. As Eritrean some one may think that Eritrea’s position is with Egypt but that is totally untrue, we should think far, there may be temporary political tension between the two ruling parties but not the people of Ethiopia and Eritrea and one day we will benefit from this project as neighbor, So lets ignore Egyptian bluffing, they are Arabs after all they cheers bluffing and shouting.

      I wish the best luck for Ethiopians

    2. Kimi

      Well it seems you dont have the right information you just write nonesense,there is a treaty that controls the usage of the river,i believe nobody is supporting Egypt as you said ,the only person we were relying on was our ex president Mubarak that you would dare to do anything during his time.
      I trust our Egyptian army will take care of you as we did with other coutnries that tried to mess with Egypt,the land that tought people the meaning of life and the land that everybody want a piece of its flesh.
      God says in the bible god bless my Egyptian people and with all the problems we have now,we will rise up again and take our position again.
      I recommend you to be a warrior against others my friend and not the Egyptians

      1. Tazabi

        Kimi – Obviously you do not know what you are talking about. There is no treaty that is binding Ethiopia. So we can do what we want. The Egyptian army you are talking about can not even defend its own territory against foreign invasion let alone fight a war 2000 miles away. Mind you it is fighting Ethiopia that have not been defeated by a foreign power. Unlike you we were not slaves to anyone. You were slaves of the British, the Turks, the Arabs and anyone who happend to pass by. If I were you I will be ashamed of Egyptian military it has lost every war it fought for a 100 years. What makes you think you can win now.
        You say you are not helped by anyone. You are the biggest recipient of US aid. The entire Arab league is behind you. May be you can get help form the Kuwaiti army when you attack us. So stop this none sense and come to the negotiating table hat in hand and in a respectful manner.

      1. Tazabi

        What is to be proud of by being Egyptian. It seems you still have slave mentality. You guys were slaves to foreign power since Alexander the great. British Turks, Arabs, Romans Greeks, French. Pretty much every bully was enslaving you. That is what you are proud of. Israel did not attack the Aswan dam because, that would have killed thousands of civilians. Not because your army stopped them. Your army has not stopped anyone. It has lost every battle it has fought. You are led by these idiots that we saw on TV. You should feel ashamed of having such idiots as leaders.


        How dare u ethiopians retards compare the urselves to the GREAT EGYPTIANS , we r the decedents of the GREAT RAMSIS THE SECOND , WHO USED CRUSH U AND FELLOW AFRICAN NEIGHBORS ON THE NILE BASIn . Fear our anger , fear our rage , and go ask ur isreali buddies what we did to them back in 1973 . I personally hate war , but if u think that ur going to cut the water , think a few million times befre u do that .

      3. Boulou

        The Aswan dam is one of the most highly defended air space in the world , Israeli airforce one of the most advanced in the world couldn’t approach it idiot , would you bomb it with your pathetic migs 21 ?? lol , you have no chance to use force against us coz we gonna smash your bones , you better behave Ethiopians .

      1. Belay Bekele

        I am an Ethiopian and we remember what Egyptian did in the 90 Century. You Know now a day we don’t want any war but if we forced what can we do. I need Ethiopian to be ready .weather we are Muslims or Christiane Ethiopia is one and abay/ Nile is our.Today USA may support Egyptian but tomorrow Ethiopia will rise.

      2. dawit

        well that is what Minilik and other dog emperiors did. They betrayed my country at different times for their individual benefit. That is what drove us all back. But on the plus side we never kneel down to anyone. This is what we thought the Egibtian dogs in the past centuries. And we will show them forever if necessary.