Ethiopian Police College trains South Sudanese Cadets

Feb 15 2013

As a part of its security and defence relationship withSouth Sudan Police officers neighboring countries, the Ethiopian government every year offers scholarships to cadets and military students from around East Africa.

Over the weekend a warm reception was held for the arrival of twenty South Sudanese police cadets at the Police University College at Sendafa.

The Ethiopian Police University College has offered two year scholarships for the training of South Sudanese cadets.

South Sudan’s Ambassador Paul, who attended the welcoming ceremony, said “Ethiopia’s contribution to the peace and stability of South Sudan is immense” and added “the training of the police officers is part of these efforts.”

All the expenses of training and accommodation for the two year training of the police officers will be covered by the Ethiopian government.

Students are trained in military engineering skills, armaments, civil and combat ethics and other police-related and military subjects.


* Originally published on A Week in the Horn – February 15, 2013 issue, titled “Ethiopian Police College trains South Sudanese Cadets”. Items from A Week in the Horn are re-published here with a permission to do so. You may republish it with attribution and no modification to its contents.

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