Somaliland's President invited to London

Feb 09 2013

President Ahmed Mahmud Silanyo is on his way to the UK this week after receiving an official invitation for talks in London from William Hague, the Secretary of State for Foreign and Commonwealth Affairs. He is leading a delegation which includes First Lady Amina Weris and Foreign Minister, Dr. Mohamed A Omar and other officials. No agenda has been made public but Somaliland sources expect the talks with William Hague to cover the modalities for a resumed dialogue between Somaliland and Somalia, as well as Somaliland’s participation in the May conference on Somalia in London, to be co-hosted by Prime Minister David Cameron and Somalia’s President Mohamud. The Somaliland President is also likely to raise his concern over the UK’s issue of a security alert on Somaliland recently. On Nairobi, on Thursday, President Silanyo met with the American Ambassador to Kenya, Robert Codec, the Deputy Special Representative of the US for Somalia Mr. Brian Philips and USAID Deputy Director, Ms. Hodan Hassan. Discussions covered a variety of topics including security, commerce, politics, development, the enhancement of democracy in the horn of Africa and ways to strengthened existing diplomatic ties.


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