Aug 21 2012

PM Meles Zenawi passed away [video included]

Our Great leader PM Meles Zenawi passed away last night at 11:40 pm after being re-admitted to hospital two days earlier, the Council of Ministers announced this morning.

Dep. PM Hailemariam will continue to run the Council of Ministers as per the Constitution, the statement added.

The Council assured that its commitment to realize the development plans that the Premier launched.

Funeral arrangements will be announced soon, the Council noted.

[The full statement of the text will be posted in the coming few hours]


  1. desale

    there is only one person the history of Ethiopia, who did, strive to keep Ethiopia forward but hated much, that is p.m Meles zenawi. p.m meles was a true hero that change millions of Ethiopians mind to come to the point “poverty is not gift of a god, we can make a change”.but unfortunately some pessimists and extremists hate this hero, that is what i saw when crezy dog barks at the hero man in Ronald Regen building.

  2. worku teklu

    Ato Meles zenawi was a good leader and hero who showed us the qualities of good leader and leadership in his governance and speak truth we lost the light of ethiopia, the flag of African union. and for the world aswell. i want to express my grief for all ethiopian people becuase of death of our big is one saying ‘death keeps no calendar ‘ tha is why we lost our leader suddenly. eventhough we lost our best we will continiue his best GREAT GRIEF I FELT

  3. Gsebre Igzabher WoldHawaryat

    It is really a sad news to hear the passing away of Africa’s intelectual leader. It is God who did this. It was God who brought him to pwer, to make all the Nations & Nationalidties proud for their being, to set a strong foundation in the Country, to bring all these changes in our mother land, to make him the designer of the Transformation & Development Plan, to design the Renaissence Damp by now ( Meles Zenaw’s Damp). It is now finished. We all Ethiopians, those who love Ethiopia, those who love thier children in particular and the posterity in general should weep and break their hearts for some time, just for somse time. Then let all of us who love our country, those who love, follow and supprt our austere and brillant PM Meles Zenawi and his policy with his long run strategic plan fasten our belts and make a concerted effort to realize his vision. To contribute our part where we are.

    You know, our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ gave His precious life on the Cross of Calvery; our beloved PM Meles Zenawi too sacrifced his spare time for the country’s transformation, he dedicated him self for the walfare of the country. He struggled day and night with out any rest thinking and believing that Ethiopia would be among the developed Nations, He struggled to fight poverty and let us feed ourselves 3 times a day. Praise him and may the Lord God receive his soul in love. We are approaching to get 3 meals a day. Not only that but also we will get what we need in life. Thanks be to the brilliant and strict determined irreplaceable African leadaer.

    Our dear PM Meles Zenawi, may your soul rest in heaven with the saints and your restless flesh that did not take enough rest in the comfortable bed at the palace take now its share in the ground and lie cofortabaly! Your gdreatness is never forgotten.

    Oh. dears the realization of Meles Zenawi’s Damp and the Growth and the Transformation Plan is the reward we bestow to our beloved PM Meles Zenawi.

    May the Lord God pick a great leader for our country and for the Ethiopian Orthodox Church! Amen.


    Dani I DON’T KNOW WHAT TO SAY! IS THIS ‘GOD’ FAIR ENOUGH? U C THAT SON OF A BI**H, i.e isayas, ALIVE BUT OUR DEAR LEADER… (i don’t want 2 say it 4 i didn’t believe it yet) simply DEG SEW AYIBEREKITIM!! I’ve a couple of questions 2 u [b/c others were ‘praying’ 4 his de*th (Oh ‘God’ finally u listen 2 zem?)] 1.WHY ON EARTH IS NATIONAL MOURNING DAY IS NOT PROCLAIMED YET? & THE NATIONAL FLAG IS NOT LOWERED YET?PLZ Say something DANI. ps i think(not quite sure what i read from ur profile at least 4 now everything seems 2 me doubtful) u r from dire dawa notre dame school NDS & me from besrate gabriel school BGS(did u 4get it?) so we’ve something in common. i have been reading ur blog meticolously & was plannig 2 forward u a couple of suggestions & comments 4 some of ur posts.but i thought it will be irrelevant since a lot of ur posts r too older though i am manageged 2 do so soon. But what do u think?