May 14 2012

UAE demands Ethiopian workers 16 medical conditions for visa

More than 50% of migrant workers from Sri Lanka and Indonesia failed their medical tests and were barred from entering the UAE since the Ministry of Health instituted mandatory health screening, in applicants home countries, from 1 October last year.

The Ministry of Health has now announced that workers from Ethiopia will need to pass tests for 16 medical conditions, including HIV and tuberculosis, in their home country before they are granted visas to live and work in the UAE, The National quotes Dr Mahmoud Fikri, assistant undersecretary for health policies, as saying.

The majority of candidates from Sri Lanka and Indonesia were found to be infected with tuberculosis, cases of which have risen in the UAE in recent years among newcomers. Dr Fikri said the new system would cut costs for sponsors and employers.

After undergoing medical screening, migrant workers are required to attest their test certificate at the UAE embassy in their own country before embarking to the UAE.

Once in the UAE, they will still need to be retested for tuberculosis, leprosy, hepatitis B and HIV/Aids, as well as undergoing the same tests each time they renew their visa.

Source: ConstructionWeekOnline


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