Ethiopian, Pakistani farmworkers killed near Saudi-Star farm

May 01 2012

Unidentified gunmen killed five and wounded eight nearby Saudi-Star’s farm in Gambella region, western Ethiopia, on Saturday. (Saudi-star is owned by the Ethiopian-born billionaire Mohammed Al-Amoudi.)

The state-owned Ethiopian News Agency reported the incident as follows:

Five people were killed including a Pakistani national and eight others suffered injuries in an armed attack that occurred in Gambella State on Saturday evening, the State Police commission said.

The Commission said the attack claimed the lives of four Ethiopians and one Pakistani citizen while inflicting heavy and light injuries on eight persons consisting of four Ethiopians and four Pakistani nationals.

According to the Commission, all of the victims of the attack are employees of the Saudi Star Agricultural Business, which is engaged in agricultural development in the state.

The attack took place at a construction site five kms away from the organization headquarters (Saudi Star Agricultural Business), where irrigation canal is being constructed.

The Commission said 10 people suspected of involving in the crime were put under police custody.

An investigative team comprising the state and federal security forces is investigating the case while the state police have launched an activity aimed at bringing the criminals to the court of justice.

The Commission expressed condolence to families of the bereaved.

It also urged the local community to extend its cooperation in the efforts underway to bring the criminals before the court.

Source: Ethiopian News Agency (ENA).


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