Oct 12 2011

PM Meles Zenawi and protesters in Oslo | Norwegian newspaper

Ethiopian Prime Minister Meles Zenawi was in Oslo, Norway to attend a conference titled ‘Energy for All’.

Here is unedited Google translation of yesterday’s news report by the Norwegian newspaper ‘Aftenposten’.]


From the conference hall, it was easy to hear the cries of hundreds of demonstrators. They had gathered outside the hotel where Prime Minister Jens Stoltenberg today had gathered an impressive collection of world leaders to discuss energy access for poor people.

One of the main guests were Meles Zenawi, Ethiopia’s longtime prime minister.Norway Energy Conference

And it was him demonstrators shouted at. While he spoke to the meeting on economic development, he was a soloist who followed a different tonal scale than the choir standing behind barricades outside.

– This is a man who jails journalists and opposition groups. He has concentrated all political power in an ethnic group constituting a fraction of the population. In Ogaden, south of the country, do not let aid agencies or independent observers to see how civil people are being oppressed and killed.A country become a dictatorship, says Adam Mulualem Zerikun, one of norsketiopierne who organized yesterday’s demonstration.

While taking Meles Zenawi the angry opponents with devastating still.

– What is a cloud. It is part of the weather. If they do not agree with government policy, it is natural that they protest, he said in an interview with newspaper Aftenposten.

Downgraded to "non-free"

He has been in power since 1991. During that time he has lifted Ethiopia economically in a way that few other African leaders have succeeded, which he has received much praise for the Norwegian and other governments. At the same time, he has been very much criticized, not only from eksiletiopiere, but also from a large number of international organizations, to lead the country in the wrong direction when it comes to democracy and human rights.

Last year, downgraded the organization Freedom House Ethiopia from "partly free" to "unfree", which puts the country in the same class as Syria, North Korea and Iran.Ethiopian protesters were arrested on Monday. = PHOTO - Christopher Rønneberg (Aftenpost newspaper)

– This is an organization that belongs to a neo-liberal ideology. Our democratic process has not been the neo-liberal, but it has been successful. Therefore I do not agree with their conclusion, said Meles Zenawi.

He makes the point that Ethiopia has never been a colony, and that he did not intend to allow that the country will be with him at the helm. Therefore, he has made it illegal for international aid organizations to engage in political activities – which also involves the promotion of human rights.

– Norwegian and other countries’ organizations believe that they have the right to engage in the African country’s politics. At the same time have not I, an Ethiopian, the right to interfere in Norwegian affairs. We have never accepted this double morality. Therefore we say: Help us in economic issues, say like from what you think. But do not confuse you into our political processes, says the prime minister.

Swedes jailed

In the past year alone is over a hundred journalists and dissidents to be imprisoned in Ethiopia, many of them because of a new anti-terror bill is introduced. Among other things, sit two Swedish journalists, Martin Schibbye and Johan Persson, in jail despite strong pressure from the Swedish government.

– These were people who went into battle with rebels in the Ogaden region. They are not journalists. They are, if anything, messengers of a terrorist organization.This is not a political issue, it is a matter for our courts, where they will get a fair treatment, says Meles Zenawi.

Prime Minister Jens Stoltenberg yesterday the issue of the Swedish journalists and accusations of murder and mistreatment of civilians in Ogaden with his Ethiopian colleague. Norway has since 2005 provided 1.4 billion in aid to Ethiopia, and both Stoltenberg and International Development Erik Solheim hailed yesterday Meles Zenawi to have contributed to stability and growth in Africa.

– We work with Ethiopia to fight poverty. Trade and investment are very closely linked to the improvement of human rights, said Stoltenberg.


Note: The 1.4 bln aid mentioned above is in Norwagian kroner, not in dollars.

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  1. Nizegi

    Ante dekama zeregna sew you will find the price sooner or later. I am Tigre I am proud but Melese is not Tigrean even he is Ertrean too. He murdered Hayelom and Kinfe then Gorezaw.

    The day is not far that he will be humilated like Gadafi. His body will be disposed like a dead rat

    I wish if you succeded as Ertrea did than depending yourself as a parasite on ethiopian people.

    People like you are bastards

  2. Naizgi

    @nizegi (or whatever your name means) Thanks for ur advice but No. We are fine with TPLF. It is not by your love that we exist but by the blood of our martyrs (we have seen enough what ur ‘feker’ look like). So just spare us your ‘advice’ (genocidal threat) and do what u do to make ur miserable dream a reality.

  3. Nizegi

    Wondeme Tigre Zimbeleh Melesen atedegefe ante min beleteh new bante sem eyengede yale menegistnew. Ambagenen lemohone ema yaw mengestu yishaleh neber.

    Melese / tigeren wokelo bizu ayinorem sewedek hezeb befakere yishalal yalebeleza mezezu betam metefo new. Hizbi tigre hoye leraseh sitel melesen abar.

    Melese Ye tigre leba enji tigeren ayiwokelem

  4. Mohamed Amiin

    I was laste two years in Ethiopia Addis Ababa, visit one of my family from ogaden region He told me, There are not rigt to say their mening and everyday the Ethiopian military shoot the civilian
    and abuse the a lot of womans.

    I traved to ogaden region to know more this informations, I got Addis Ababa. Efter 1,55 minute
    I come wiyh Ethiopia airlines to Gode, I saw more militry and aske me who am I, and checked my passport. They aske me how longe I will stay. so let me to continue my travel.

    When I com to the town saw one shopkeeper lady selling saft drink. I buy one water bottle
    That come three solders with gun they take one dozen of water without paid.

    She cried when they gone, I asked what happend her, she told me they take her water without
    paying and I can not say any thing to them, if I refuse they will kill me and take all my shop.
    not only me and today they do every shop in the city.

    A lot of civilian have moved to the Kenya to get peace, free. We are under militery and
    abuse every lady in the city.

    I come back to Addis Ababa there is no free democratice in Ethiopia. they constition
    wrote good words but no one use this words.

    Meles is criminalman has killed and abuse more three million peaple from 1991 -2011.
    more this crime happened Ogaden region.

    The world community has see what it is going the Ogaden region and Swedish journelist
    in prison.

    We are the world is comming again to Ethiopia,

    thanks a lot

  5. Henok

    There is a confusion as to whether the protesters were of Ethiopian origin. I don’t think there will be a leader born to serve Ethiopians and Africa in general other than Meles these days. He is a man of change and of focused personality. Actually, it seems natural that no one can satisfy all. If one can respond to requests of the great public and respects the minority right, that’s what the rule of law should be. One way or the other Ethiopia experienced fro the first time a democratic and value-oriented leader in its life time. Thank you Meles!!
    Long live Meles

    1. Hussein


      The people who were protesting against dictator Meles Zenawi were surely Ogadenians not Somalis. They were standing for more than nine hours in a cold weather shouting at Zenawi.

      He lies to the western countries telling that Ethiopia is a democratic country. Why he refuses journalists to get in Ogaden if Ethiopia is a democratic country? why he kicked all the aid organizations out of Ethiopia?

      He is the one who is responsible for killing, raping, jailing taking place in Ogaden. Ogadenians want to get freedom from Ethiopia..

  6. Usmman

    I have been around during the chanting in front of the Radison Blue. The great majority of the ones who were crying were actually somalis and not Ethiopians. They tried to air out Al shabab’s claim that Ogaden belongs to Somalia. That’s a bull shit. We are much more better off with Meles than any of the options available. Get your country out of mess before trying to include we Ogadenese to yours outlawed land.

  7. Moh'ed

    Meles is without doubt the butcher of occupied Ogaden. He is no different than Hitler and Saddam Hussein. How can you be in power for well over 21 years and all you do is order killings, rape, torture, terror and starvation? No hundreds of people come out in the cold and protest against someone for no reason. Meles has committed crimes against humanity and should be brought to justice. Free Ogaden!

  8. Getachew

    that us true Meles is a very farsighted visionary leader who is standing firmly in the development and prosperity direction, no matter what we are on his side there is no room for anti peace elements in Ethiopia. proudly Meles will even lead Africa to a better economic and social stability.

    We appreciate you and we are proud of you Meles!!!!!!!!!!!

    Long Live Meles Zenawi.