Mubarak out | Statement from Egypt Army [full text]

February 11, 2011

[Update: The statement posted here is to be referred as Communiqué No. 2. Correction: V/President Omar Sulieman announced Mubarak’s resignation hours after the Army issued the statement.]

After hours of media speculation on the whereabouts of Mubarak, v/President Omar Suleiman confirmed about half an hour ago, about 6 p.m. Cairo time, on State TV, that President Hosini Mubarak’s resignation. In his brief statement, the VP said: “In these difficult circumstances that the country is passing through, President Hosni Mubarak has decided to leave the position of the presidency”. “He has commissioned the armed forces council to direct the issues of the state.”

Following Suleiman’s statement, the Supreme Council of the Egyptian Armed Forces issued a second statement, outlining the way forward.

It is to be recalled that the Supreme Council of the Egyptian Armed Forces  had issued, on Thursday, its Communique No. 1, announcing it had stepped in to secure the country. It is not clear if the recent statement is to be referred to as  Communique No. 2.

In the mean time, Mubarak had flown to his palace in the Red Sea resort of Sharm el-Sheikh, which is located about 400 kilometres outside of Cairo.

Read below the Statement the Army issued today- Friday..


The Supreme Council of the Egyptian Armed Forces.

Due to the consecutive developments in current incidents and which define the destiny of the country, and in context of continuous follow up for internal and external incidents, and the decision to delegate responsibilities to the vice president of the country, and in belief in our national responsibility to preserve the stability and safety of the nation.

The Supreme Council of the Egyptian Armed Forces decided to secure the implementation of the following procedures:

First: End the state of emergency as soon as the current circumstances are over.

Decide on the appeals against elections and consequent measures.

Conduct needed legislative amendments and conduct free and fair presidential elections in light of the approved constitutional amendments.

Second: The Armed forces are committed to sponsor the legitimate demands of the people and achieving them by following on the implementation of these procedures in the defined time frames with all accuracy and seriousness and until the peaceful transfer of authority is completed towards a free democratic community that the people aspire to.

Third: The Armed Forces emphasize on no security pursuit of the honest people who refused the corruption and demanded reforms, and warns against touching the security and safety of the nation and the people. And emphasizes the need for regular work in state facilities and regaining of life to normal to preserve the interests and possessions of our great people.

God protect the nation and the people.



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