Daniel Berhane

Aiga-forum.com exposed the recent fraudulent story posted by Ethiopian-review, a website run by Elias Kifle, who is allegedly on Eritrean president, Isaiyas Afeworki, payroll. On Nov. 23/2010 Ethiopian review posted a story about Karuturi Global investment in Ethiopia, titled ‘Indian agribusiness devastates western Ethiopia(photo/video)’.

As it is supposed to be a photo story, a big picture is posted following a brief slur on the Ethiopian government. The story falsely states ‘the photo below shows how the forest in south western Ethiopia is being destroyed to make space for flower farming for export to Europe.’

Alas, Aigaforum traced the origin of the photo and exposed the sham. Apparently, Ethiopian Review changed the photo immediately thereafter.  But only to substitute it with another bogus photo. Yet again, Aigaforum traced the true origin of the substituted photo.

Both photos were taken half way around the globe in the Americas! [See the evidence below]

I admit ‘Ethiopian-review caught lying’ is a nonstarter topic. Presumably, most readers have personally encountered fraudulent stories on that website more than once. That is why I had simply put my previous observation of a fraudulent story about the Ethiopian Ortodox Church as a passing comment on the previous post.

However, there are reasons to treat the recent phenomenon differently.

Implicating the Associate Editors

First, this fraud cannot be excused as an oversight or by blaming it on non-existent correspondents in Ethiopia, since the photos in the fraudulent story are not taken anywhere near Ethiopia.

Second, the website didn’t remove, let alone apologize for the deceitful story, even 5 days after it has been exposed by Aigaforum. This indicates the complicity of all the editors on the act; that is, Elias Kifle, Alemayehu G. Mariam, Yilma Bekele, Sioum Gebeyehou, Belen Haile and Rahel Assefa.

Yes, it is the same Prof. Alemayehu Gebremariam, who used to write his name as Al G. Mariam, now changed into Alemayehu G. Mariam. He is associate editor of Ethiopian Review and is engaged in a media campaign against the Ethiopian government exploiting his title and questionable media access.
It is the same Alemayehu who has the habit of putting ‘truth’ in the title of his articles(‘speaking the truth on behalf of …’, ‘speaking the truth for..’, ‘speaking truth, talking….’, ‘the truth of…‘, etc).

This professor of a small town university had the audacity to libel Prof. Josef Stiglitz and Prof. Jeffrey Sachs, in his last month article, calling them, ‘academic entrepreneurs and unacademic professors [who] ingratiate themselves with influential African leaders regardless of their democratic and human-rights record, to get PR and ‘goodies’ for themselves at African summits, at the UN where these leaders have a vote…’. He even went on saying, ‘What is it that they got that we ain’t got? Aha! A Nobel Prize?’

Perhaps, this time, our dear professor was ‘speaking the truth on behalf of not-noble professors’.

Of late, he had this to say about the Ethiopian journalists in the opposition media, “They[the journalists] are developing a style of journalism based on truth-searching, truth-telling and exposition of lies costumed as truth.”

Now, a media under his associate editorship is caught in the act with an irrefutable evidence. It is time Mr. Professor tells us the truth about the Eritrean connection of the ‘Ethiopian review’ web-site, or else admit he is an associate fraudster and spare us of his talks of ‘truth’.

The same goes to to the other editors – Yilma Bekele, Sioum Gebeyehou, Belen Haile, and Rahel Assefa, to dissociate themselves or admit they are associate fraudsters.

We have given up on Elias Kifle, haven’t we?

Here is the recent Lie at ‘Ethiopian-review’

The first image below is a screen shoot of Ethiopian Review with the first bogus photo. [I found it on Aigaforum.]

The second image is a screen shoot of BBC news webpage that reveals the true origin of the first photo is Brazil Amazon Forest. [taken on Nov. 26/2010]

The third image is a screen shoot of Ethiopian Review with the second bogus photo. [taken on Nov. 26/2010]

The fourth image is a screen shoot of Rush PR News(RPRN) webpage that reveals the true origin of the photo is Canada Boreal Forest.[taken on Nov. 26/2010]

[Though I checked the sites and took the 2nd, the 3rd, and the 4th screen shots, I credit Aiga forum for detecting the fraud and identifying the true origin of the photos.]

For an enhanced view: right click on the images, then select ‘open in a new tab’ or ‘open in a new window’.

I. First post by Ethiopian Review with the 1st photo (Click Here to see it on Aigaforum)

Ethiopian_Review_Nov_23rd_2010(photo from Aigaforum.com)

II. But the true location of the photo is Brazil Amazon Forest. [You can see it at on BBC news Januar 24/2008.]

Brazil - Amazon Forest from BBC

III. Second photo on Ethiopian Review. It appears only the photo is changed but the same text.


IV. However, the true location of the photo is Canada Boreal Forest.[You can see it at RPRN website]

Canada - Boreal Forest

You may get all the items(screen shots) at Aigaforum.com or on their respective sites, except the first Ethiopian review post which has been removed.


  1. Fortuitously, I read this side-splitting and condemnatory article which is in essence trash and pointless. The ‘writer’, wanting to damage the reputation and intellectualism of Al mariyam, comically said he is a professor of a small town university. To the writer, it seems a treasured professor is a big town university. lol. Forget about the pictures which you and aiga forum said are bogus. Because it isn’t even the point of argument. Karaturi, an Indian company that has taken a huge acre of land which is 300,000 hectares (741,000 acres) of local land, an area larger than Luxembourg., is exploiting the land and the human capital. The land is free. Karuturi pays no rent for the land for the first six years. After that, it will pay 15 birr (U.S. $1.18) per hectare per year for the next 84 years. The people, who mistakenly and naively thought they were the owner of the land, sadly came to see the snatching of their land. They were literally powerless. These people’s livelihoods were agriculture and fishing, before times the farmers could have managed to help their families. Karutri, the owner and CEO of the company, once said his company pays its workers at least Ethiopia’s minimum wage of 8 birr. The jobs pay less than the World Bank’s $1.25-per-day poverty threshold, even as the project has the potential to enrich international investors with annual earnings that the company expects to exceed $100 million by 2013.

  2. The level of propaganda by ER has long been in a sharp nosedive . Not sure there are people who can doubt the veracity of reports on that page.
    But what’s striking is ,Al Mariam’s involvement in the publishing of this trash website. If in deed he is one among other editors of ER , then it just goes to show what hypocrite the man is. Really cheap.

  3. Years have passed since I visited Ethiopian Review website. I stopped when I start to feel that I am in anti-Ethiopian forum. Though I love matured debate, as most of their articles about Ethiopia were fabricated, gloomy and outdated found it difficult to discuss with bloggers in hibernation since the down fall of DERG. I agree it is disgusting to post unrelated picture just to discredit the EPRDF.
    It would be more legible had the author besides exposing the Review inform us about the ongoing aforestation endeavor.

  4. Well, my friend, Cal State San Bernardino, where Prof Al Mariam teaches happens to be one of the top universities in California. The town (a college town) might be small, by California standards anyway, as it’s the 17th largest city in the state or as you call it, in the “Killil”, however, the University is one of the biggest, if not the most sought after universities in California.
    As they say, little knowledge is a dangerous thing, my friend. Next time, do a little research before you start belittling others with your little mind.

    1. @ Nardos sorry to say you are unable to defend your mastermind Elias Kiflom! In general better to focus on the key point” these are desperate liars! Daniel, put a well researched kind of /meta analysis/ article to expose the lies. Can you tell us how you perceived this! largest city, one of the most sought universities, little knowledge … those all are trashed to cover the lies of you master Elias Kiflom.
      Next time you better focus on the point of comparison.

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