The National Election Board of Ethiopia has released a more complete provisional result of the 4th National & Regional Election held on May 23/2010.

Accordingly, EPRDF & its associate parties won most of the seats of the federal parliament and the legislative councils of the nine regional states.

The tables below are taken from the official website of the National Election Board of Ethiopia.

I – Provisional results for the House of peoples’ Representatives

Ethiopia election board Federal parliament

The reference to ANDM appears to be an error. Since it is ANDM itself that has won the other 137 seats in Amhara State and is part of EPRDF.

II – Provisional results for the State Councils

Ethiopia election board Regional councils

* The Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia is consisted of nine states and two chartered city administrations. Elections for the legislative councils of the two city administrations, Addis Ababa and Dire Dawa, were held in 2008.

Note that:

* * EPRDF is made up of four regional parties, namely TPLF, ANDM, OPDO, SEPDM

* * ANDP, BGPDP, GPUDM, SPDP, HNL are regional parties and officially partners or associates of EPRDF.

It is recalled that this blog has been the first to announce the results of the Ethiopian election on May 24/2010 – only 24hrs after the closing of the polling stations.


EPRDF – Ethiopian peoples’ Revolutionary Democratic Party

FORUM – Ethiopian Federalist Democratic Unity Forum

TPLF – Tigray Peoples’ Liberation Front

ANDM – Amhara Nation Democratic Movement

OPDO – Oromo Peoples’ Democratic Organization

SPEDM – Southern Ethiopian Peoples’ Democratic movement

ANDP – Afar National Democratic Party

BGPDP – Benishengul Gumuz Peoples Democratic party

GPUDM – Gambella Peoples Unity Democratic Movement ( -)

SPDP – Somali people’s Democratic Party

HNL – Harari National League

APDO – Argoba People Democratic Organization